EPISODE 2 - Learn The Correct Strokes, Grip, & Stance for Pickleball 📈

Tennis players have valuable racket sports experience which is useful when starting Pickleball! But there are important difference all tennis players need to realize. Pro Pickleball Coach Mark Renneson explains how to adjust your stroke, grip, and stance to excel in pickleball!

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More about mark

Mark Renneson is the founder and owner of Pickleball Coaching International, an industry leader in pickleball coaching education. PCI’s mission is to grow the sport of pickleball by providing high-quality education to current and aspiring pickleball instructors. Pickleball Coaching International is an online, educational resource designed to help instructors to provide great coaching to their current and future players. You can learn and practice at your own pace and there is no test to pass or exam you to write. While some other organizations are focused on certification, we are devoted to providing you the tools and resources to be a fantastic teacher. Once you join PCI you have a full year of unlimited access to all of our multimedia tools, written documents and member benefits. These will help you better understand how to coach in ways that are safe, fun and highly effective.

Renneson is also the host of The Pickleball Today Show, a weekly Selkirk TV show focused on providing its viewers with new pickleball drills & strategies to improve their performance on the court.


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Whether teaching or playing, Mark’s paddle of choice is the new SLK Halo and carries his paddle and gear in Selkirk’s do-it-all Tour Bag.



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