Approved Paddles, Balls, and Apparel in Pickleball

Not all pickleball paddles and gear are approved by pickleball's governing bodies. Ensure your pickleball gear is approved by learning these rules from pro referee Maddie Torren 🙌


Maddie's passion for pickleball has led her to become a seasoned referee on the tour, having received both level 1 credentials in November 2021 and level 2 credentials in January 2022. Maddie made history in October 2022 as the first-ever teen to be certified as a USA Pickleball referee at the age of 18.

In addition to her role as a skilled pickleball referee, Maddie is also a content creator and ambitious player on the rise. Through her social media channels, which can be found under the handle @MaddieToren, she shares her love of the sport with fans around the world. Maddie's social media presence allows her to connect with fellow pickleball enthusiasts, sharing her experiences and insights while providing valuable tips and advice for players of all levels.

Selkirk Sport
When not refereeing, Maddie’s paddle of choice is the new SLK Halo and carries her paddle and gear in Selkirk’s do-it-all Tour Bag.
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