10 episodes with Mark Renneson

From Pickleball drills and basic strategy to scoring rules and much more, Pro Pickleball player and coach Mark Renneson covers everything you need to know as an intro-level pickleball player. Learn everything they need to know about the fastest growing sport in the United States.


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InPickleball Magazine offers an independent and inclusive look at America’s fastest-growing sport, geared toward players of all skill levels—whether you’re one of the millions of people who play pickleball regularly or a first-timer who wants to see what all the fun is about. InPickleball readers will find useful information to improve their on-court skills, including curated gear guides, fitness and nutrition tips, and advice from professional players and sports medicine doctors.

Course learning objectives

Understanding of fundamental pickleball rules

Choosing the perfect pickleball Paddle based on your style of play

Utilizing the right pickleball gear to enhance your playing experience

Leveraging basic pickleball strategy to win more points

Incorporating the perfect warmup routine to be ready for any match

Improving your game using the best intro-level pickleball drills

Learning how to continue improving your pickleball skillset by either practicing yourself or with a coach

get started, and get started right.

Intro to Pickleball is the best instructional course for intro-level pickleball players and people who. If you’re just stepping into the pickleball world (or even just thinking about it!), and want to learn more about the fastest growing sport in the United States, this is the PERFECT course for you.


More about mark

Mark Renneson is the founder and owner of Pickleball Coaching International, an industry leader in pickleball coaching education. PCI’s mission is to grow the sport of pickleball by providing high-quality education to current and aspiring pickleball instructors. Pickleball Coaching International is an online, educational resource designed to help instructors to provide great coaching to their current and future players. You can learn and practice at your own pace and there is no test to pass or exam you to write. While some other organizations are focused on certification, we are devoted to providing you the tools and resources to be a fantastic teacher. Once you join PCI you have a full year of unlimited access to all of our multimedia tools, written documents and member benefits. These will help you better understand how to coach in ways that are safe, fun and highly effective.

Renneson is also the host of The Pickleball Today Show, a weekly Selkirk TV show focused on providing its viewers with new pickleball drills & strategies to improve their performance on the court.


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