Episode 6 - How To Successfully Translate Defense Into Offense In Pickleball

Just because your back is up against the wall, doesn't mean the point is over. Translating defense into offense is such an important pickleball strategy to understand. In Episode 6 of Winning With Wes, you will learn how to neutralize the court, get on the offensive side of the rally, and ultimately win the point ✅

Winning With Wes is a pickleball instructional course for pickleball players of all levels. The drills and lessons introduced in this course by Selkirk Pro Wes Gabrielsen can be used by intro, intermediate, and advanced-level level players to exponentially improve your performance on the court.

About Wes Gabrielsen

Wesley Gabrielsen's pickleball journey started when he was a student in middle school and has evolved into him being one of the most decorated players in pro pickleball. Gabrielsen has accumulated success in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. He is an 11-time USAPA National Champion, six-time Canadian National Champion, two-time Tournament of Champions Gold Medalist, and two-time U.S. Open Champion.

Gabrielsen also has over a decade of pickleball coaching experience through both one-on-one lessons and group camps. Wes is currently the head Pro at Illahe Hills Country Club in Salem, Oregon ⬇️


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