EPISODE 11 - Master the Pickleball Return Slice With These "Chip and Charge" Drills

Putting spin on the ball can create problems for your opponents. Learn the "chip and charge" to practice slicing the ball to create backspin and make your shots difficult to handle.

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More about Joanne

JoAnne Russell is a former Wimbledon Doubles Champion (1977) and had an incredibly successful career in tennis before discovering pickleball.

As soon as she picked up a paddle, JoAnne fell in love with the sport as both a player and an instructor. Having risen through the ranks to the top tier of tennis, Russell understands what it takes to improve and works dilligently with her students to share with them what it takes to be a champion.

JoAnne currently resides in Naples, FL where she gives pickleball lessons full-time.


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Whether teaching or playing, Joanne’s paddle of choice is the Selkirk Amped Invikta and carries her paddle and gear in Selkirk’s do-it-all backpack, the Tour Bag.

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