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The Pro S1 Pickleball Ball 1-Year No-Crack Warranty

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Warranty Coverage: The 1-Year No-Crack Warranty provides protection against noticeable cracks on the Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball Ball.

Warranty Period: The warranty period for the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball begins on the original date of purchase and is valid for a period of one (1) year thereafter with proof of purchase.

Terms & Conditions
  • Warranty applies only to retail end users who must currently reside in the United States and must have originally purchased Pro S1 Pickleball Balls at or from a United States Selkirk authorized retailer.
  • At least 4 defective balls and a receipt are required to submit a warranty claim.
  • Warranty does not apply to balls purchased for Events, Clubs, Programs (Advocates & Players), or Facilities. The warranty does not cover any ball purchased at a discount.
  • The Pro S1 Pickleball Ball 1-Year No-Crack Warranty does not cover damage resulting from any intentional act, misuse, abuse, alteration, negligence, or any damage caused by factors beyond the manufacturer's control.
  • Normal wear and tear are also not covered under this warranty.
  • The Pro S1 Pickleball Ball 1-Year No-Crack Warranty does not apply to pickleballs that have gone “out of round”.

Please note: For each valid warranty claim, a flat processing fee of $6 will be applied. This fee is intended to offset the cost of shipping and handling for the replacement pickleball balls along with a return shipping label provided by Selkirk for the damaged balls. The processing fee will be collected during the claim process and is subject to change. The fee is a flat $6 no matter the number of balls being warrantied.

Substitutions: Selkirk will strive to replace the defective balls with new Pro S1 Pickleball Balls of the same model and specification. If Pro S1 Pickleball Balls are not available, Selkirk retains the right to substitute a similar product.

Limitations: The Pro S1 Pickleball Ball Warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the balls. Selkirk reserves the right to make the final determination regarding the eligibility of warranty claims based on evaluation of the product received.

Warranty Claim Process: If you have an issue with at least 4 defective balls, click here to submit a claim. A receipt with a purchase date of a year or less is required for submission.

Please note: Warranty claims can ONLY be processed through

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