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Zach Taylor's Crazy Journey From Hollywood Entertainer to Professional Pickleball Player - The Future of Pickleball Podcast on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Mar 22, 2023

SELKIRK TV released a new episode this week of its original show - The Future Of Pickleball - with special guest, pro player and entertainment industry professional Zack Taylor. 

In this episode, host Paul Olson and Zack Taylor discuss his high-level tennis background, path into the entertainment industry, singing talent, teaching role in Beverly Hills, rise in the professional game, and more.

"Pickleball has exploded on the social media side of things, which is where a lot of my age demographic lives," said Zack Taylor. "You're starting to see the younger generation come into the sport, and because of the social aspect and low barrier to entry. I think it will continue to get younger and younger," 

Zack Taylor is a pro level player with one of the most interesting backgrounds in the game. Having worked as an entertainer, instructor, and player, Zack provides a great insight into the growth of pickleball, especially for the younger demographic. He will continue as an important advocate for the sport as an instructor at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club and continues to look to make noise at the professional level. 

To watch the complete episode and many other Selkirk TV original shows, podcasts, lesson series from the pros, and much more, download the Selkirk TV app HERE

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