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The untold story of the Brascia family — The MaryGoRound Podcast on Selkirk TV

By Mary Brascia

on Aug 17, 2023

Mary Brascia hosts the first episode of her podcast MaryGoRound

Selkirk TV is proud to introduce its latest podcast series “The MaryGoRound Podcast,” hosted by Selkirk pro Mary Brascia

The podcast, which gets its name from Mary’s invented pickleball shot, will feature Mary and a member of the pickleball community as they discuss upcoming tournaments, personal backstories, and professional pickleball insights. 

In the inaugural episode, Mary is joined by her women’s doubles partner and younger sister Maggie Brascia. Don’t miss the laughter and family bonds and the sisters discuss their recent travel adventures, balancing education with their professional careers, and what it’s like to play competitively alongside family. 

A glimpse into the fast-paced life of Mary Brascia: 

As it’s the first episode, Mary takes a moment to introduce herself. She’s a 23-year-old professional pickleballer on the PPA tour and plays MLP for the Miami Pickleball Club. A Southern California native, Mary has an extensive sports background, including a college tennis career at both the University of Dayton and Biola University. 

Mary first picked up a pickleball paddle during COVID-19 lockdowns and has played nearly every day since. She hopes the podcast will educate listeners and inspire them to embark on their own pickleball journey. 

From NYC to Sin City: 

Mary travels all the way to the living room to meet with her first guest, her sister Maggie. The sisters spontaneously traveled to New York City to be on national television for National Pickleball Day. 

After, the sisters got to play tourists around the city before jet-setting to Vegas for a family trip. Listen in as the sisters discuss the Statue of Liberty, the joys of Italian food, and Katy Perry. 

Maggie’s favorites off the court: 

A lot of the sisters’ free time is occupied by pickleball, but Maggie shares her favorite things to do when she doesn’t have a paddle in her hand. Mary asks Maggie as a SoCal native, whether she prefers the beach or the pool. Her answer might surprise you!

Balancing college with a professional pickleball career: 

Maggie is a full-time computer science student at Concordia University Irvine. She shares what it’s like balancing a full course load with her professional career. 

Maggie’s best shot: 

Maggie’s favorite shot is her forehand roll and she shares a tip for how amateur players can improve their forehand rolls while drilling. 

Tournament of Champions preview: 

The sisters look forward to the PPA Tournament of Champions, where they’ll play women’s doubles together. Maggie is playing mixed doubles with Hayden Patriquin while Mary is playing with fellow Selkirk pro Dylan Frazier. The duo discusses partner dynamics and trash-talking. 

Pros and cons of sharing the court with a loved one: 

Playing with a sibling is never easy, and the sisters give insight into the difficulties they experience when playing together. However, Maggie shares that when playing with a loved one, you’re able to feel more comfortable and have better communication with your partner. But her favorite aspect? The highs of the sport are even higher. 

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