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ThatPickleballGuy shares his journey from content creator to professional pickleballer — The James Ignatowich Show on Selkirk TV

By James Ignatowich

on Aug 03, 2023

@ThatPickleballGuy Kyle Koszuta shares pickleball tips on The James Ignatowich Show

In the newest episode of The James Ignatowich Show, Episode 28, James welcomes @ThatPickleballGuy Kyle Koszuta to the show. Don’t miss the laughter as the two discuss James’ hosting skills, their recent faceoff, and how to stay mentally tough on the court. 

James and Kyle's first experience together:

James and Kyle first met in Nashville to create content for the Selkirk team for a week. Kyle says that he left the weekend with high hopes for a friendship with James, but jokes that the pair haven’t spoken since then. 

2023 PPA Seattle Open recap:

James got silver in mixed doubles with his partner Anna Bright at the Seattle PPA Open but mentions the road there got a little chirpy with a quarterfinal match against Christian Alshon and Hurricane Tyra Black. The two debate whether trash talk helps or hurts players on the court. 

James vs. the Facebook comments section: 

Kyle questions a Facebook post circulating that discusses James’ response to a post-game interview after a gold medal loss (see below). James shares that many on Facebook thought his post-game interview was disrespectful, responds to the comments, and talks about how he deals with hate comments. 

Who studies pickle film the most?: 

Kyle shares that he often spends his evenings watching pickleball matches rather than the latest Netflix show. He questions how many hours a week James watches game films and the two debate whether watching highlights of yourself is self-serving or good for your mental game. 

How does James handle mental pressure?: 

The duo discusses how they prepare mentally for their time on the court. James shares that he likes to prep by watching game tapes and the … unique … way he stays mentally present during games. Kyle has been diving into breathwork to get focused before the game and relieve tension during heated matches. 

Balancing pro pickleball and content creation (continued): 

Kyle discusses his unique journey from content creation to pickleball professional and how his social media content helps improve his game. Although he says he may not yet be the most skilled player on the court, his goal is to be the smartest player on the court. And, he says thinking through content (like the video below) helps him achieve that goal. 



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