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Selkirk Broadcast Launches To Keep Team Members and Retailers Informed

By Stephen Bass

on Aug 03, 2022

Launching Selkirk Broadcast to keep Selkirk Team Members and Retailers Informed

Pickleball is growing fast. And with growth comes change and innovation. As you have probably seen from Selkirk, there are many new products, initiatives, and programs being launched and improved. And we have increased our media reach overtime with many communication channels from Selkirk TV, social, blog and our email lists. 

In order to more effectively communicate with our team members, retailers and partners, we are launching Selkirk Broadcast. Selkirk broadcast will send critical Selkirk messages via emails, text messages, and automated phone voice messages to our advocates, amped team, pro team, and wholesale dealers

We estimate that we will send an average of one broadcast per week. Some weeks may be less and some may be more depending on what is happening at Selkirk and in the Pickleball world.

If you are a team member or dealer, you will begin receiving broadcasts from the phone number and email below. We recommend adding this number and email to your contacts to ensure you receive the messages.

Selkirk Broadcast Phone: 855-607-4333

Selkirk Broadcast Email:

Although we encourage all eligible team members to receive the Selkirk broadcast text messages, you can opt out by replying STOP to the first text message. 

If you answer a broadcast phone call it will automatically play the recorded message. You can press 7 to repeat the voice message. If the broadcast goes to voicemail, it will leave a voicemail to your phone. You can also call the broadcast phone number back to listen to the most recent broadcast message sent out.

If you need support related to a broadcast, either respond to the broadcast email or call us at 1-800-759-4326. 

Currently the voice broadcasts are only available for Advocates, Amped Team, Pro Team, and Wholesale Dealers. However, we do encourage all Selkirk customers to signup for Selkirk texts for exclusive benefits, early access, and special offers.


We hope that Selkirk Broadcasts will increase clear communication to team members and we appreciate any feedback.

Thank you,

Team Selkirk

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