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Kim Bastien on Female Empowerment in Pickleball - Future of Pickleball on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Sep 07, 2023


In the 32nd installment of the Future of Pickleball Show, the spotlight beams brightly on Kim Bastien, an instrumental figure in the ever-growing world of pickleball. Beyond her captivating story, the episode offers an immersive dive into the sport's expanding horizons, both within the industry and its community outreach.

0:36 - Kim Bastien: An Orchestrator of Growth 🏓

The episode kicks off with an exploration of Kim's journey in pickleball. As the head of partnerships at The Dink, her influence is felt throughout the community. But how did it all begin?

1:47 - Navigating the Field: The Dink's Head of Partnerships 🙌

Discover Kim's pivotal role at The Dink. This segment delves into the strategic initiatives she's undertaken and her perspective on fostering collaborative opportunities for the sport.

2:20 - Market Dynamics: Pickleball's Rising Stature 📈

Kim expounds on pickleball's increasing footprint in the marketplace. This segment provides valuable insights into how the sport is forging new paths and creating unprecedented opportunities.

5:09 - Pickleball: A Tool for Empowerment 👊🫶

Perhaps one of the most impactful segments, Kim sheds light on the potential of pickleball to uplift disadvantaged youth. The conversation underscores the sport's unique position to foster positive change and its role as a beacon of hope.

8:43 - Bridging the Gap: Gender Equality in Sports 👀

One of pickleball's proudest achievements, as highlighted in the episode, is its contribution to narrowing the gender gap in sports. Kim discusses the reasons behind why pickleball stands out in this respect and the steps being taken to maintain this equilibrium.

13:53 - Envisioning Tomorrow: Kim's Future for Pickleball 🔮

The episode concludes with a contemplative look into the sport's future through Kim's eyes. As she outlines her hopes and aspirations, it becomes clear that the sky's the limit for pickleball's potential.

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