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From NCAA rep to professional pickleballer, Jackie Kawamoto shares all — The James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on Jun 29, 2023

Jackie Kawamoto on the James Ignatowich Show

In the newest episode of the James Ignatowich Show, Episode 23, James is joined by fellow Selkirk pro Jackie Kawamoto. The two dive into her pickleball journey, what it’s like playing with her sister, and the debate between MLP and PPA. 

ATX Pickleballers team recap: 

Coming off MLP San Clemente where Jackie’s team ATX Pickleballers beat James’ team the New Jersey 5s in a dreambreaker, the two discuss team dynamics and how the season went. Jackie shares what it was like to play alongside her sister Jade, JW Johnson, and Gabe Tardio, and how her team went undefeated in dreambreakers despite not having a great on-paper singles lineup. 

Why Jade and Jackie have not been partnering together: 

Although she was on a team with her twin Jade in the MLP, Jackie and Jade have not been playing often together in the PPA. Jackie says some of it is due to scheduling conflicts and some of it is because the sisters want to play with others who have different play styles. 

How the 2022 MLP Texas Ranchers would do today: 

In the 2022 MLP season, James and Jackie played on a team together with fellow teammates Anna Bright and DJ Young. The two debate how well the team would fare today. 

Professional pickleball player or NCAA representative: 

Jackie holds a full-time job as the NCAA Assistant Coordinator of Championships and Alliances, Operations. She shares whether she will continue to work at the NCAA or commit full-time to pickleball. 

Jackie’s upcoming partnerships: 

Jackie talks about how she finds her doubles partners and reveals who she’ll be playing with in upcoming mixed events: Rafa Hewett, Zane Navratil, Christian Alshon, and AJ Koller. 

MLP or PPA?: 

James and Jackie continue the age-old debate: Which is better, the MLP or the PPA? The two discuss the benefits of each and James shares that the MLP experience is largely based on team chemistry.

Would you choose chemistry over talent?: 

Jackie asks James whether he would choose chemistry over talent in a player if he’s a first-round pick in the upcoming MLP draft. The two discuss strategies for selecting the perfect team. 

Davis Carvalho’s love for Jackie: 

James shares the love his friend Dave has for Jackie. James shares that although Dave was playing the role of hype man for the New Jersey 5s, he couldn’t bring himself to cheer against Jackie and her team. 

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