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Debating the PPA vs MLP pickleball Tour Wars — The James Ignatowich Show on Selkirk TV

By James Ignatowich

on Aug 31, 2023

James Ignatowich and Jimmy Miller discuss the pickleball Tour Wars

In the latest episode of The James Ignatowich Show, James welcomes pickleball enthusiast and podcast host Jimmy Miller to the show. The two break down the Tour Wars, discussing each tour’s roster, the contracts involved, and what it means to split the best players between the leagues. 

MLP vs. PPA … who is winning?: 

As MLP and PPA began signing players in what is now being referred to as the “Tour Wars,” James decided to sign with MLP. James and Jimmy discuss which league is currently on top in terms of contract signings. 

Is the MLP’s roster deeper than the PPA’s?: 

Jimmy and James talk through the pros in each league. Although PPA signed the two top players — Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters — Jimmy says the MLP currently has a deeper, more competitive roster. 

High price tags for players: 

James debates the pros and cons of high price tags for player contracts. As a player, he says it’s good to have financial stability, but paying high contracts may not be sustainable for the leagues longterm.

James’ favorite on-court opponent: 

James talks about his favorite opponents to play against: Julian Arnold and Christian Alshon. James jokes about the rivalries and how both players signed with the PPA. So, James won’t be able to face off against them for the next few years. 

MLP’s individual tourneys: 

Jimmy and James discuss the differences between PPA and MLP tournament results. Jimmy says that because Ben and Anna Leigh win most of the PPA events, viewers may be getting bored. Whereas with MLP, the team matchups mean there’s a higher likelihood of different winners at each tourney. 

Will there be player defections?: 

Jimmy asks James if he thinks there will be player defections because he’s heard that some players felt they were rushed to sign and perhaps made the wrong decision. Jimmy also discusses a rumor he heard that if a player signed to the MLP defects, they will never play in MLP again. 

Will there be an asterisk for winning in MLP with no Ben Johns?: 

Jimmy asks James whether there will always be an asterisk next to the names of the winners of men’s singles and doubles in MLP because they didn’t have to face Ben Johns. James says as it stands now, everyone knows Ben is the best. However, the door is open for someone on the MLP side to become the dominating figure. 

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