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SelkirkTV | Jun 15, 2023

By James Ignatowich

Collin Shick shares his journey from tennis to pickleball, talks med school and mixed doubles — The James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

Collin Shick and James Ignatowich talk doubles and singles play

Coming off the PPA San Clemente tournament in which he beat the top-seeded Ben Johns, Selkirk star Collin Shick joins James Ignatowich for the latest episode of the James Ignatowich Show, Episode 21.  Despite some slight technical issues, the duo discusses Collin’s pickleball journey, his future in doubles play, and how he manages med school with his budding pickleball career. 

Collin Shick’s background

Collin played men’s tennis at North Carolina State University until May 2022. James questions how Collin discovered pickleball and when he decided to make the switch. 

Collin playing doubles

The PPA San Clemente tournament marked the first time Collin played all three events in a pickleball tournament, which he plans to repeat in Denver. The pair talks about Collin’s practice regime and what it will take for him to see success in doubles events. 

Med school or pro pickleball? 

Collin is about to enter his second year of med school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Collin shares how he keeps up with the demands of med school and his pickleball training. James questions whether Collin sees his future career as a doctor or a professional pickleball player.  

PPA San Clemente Recap

Collin and James discuss their performances at PPA San Clemente, where James took home bronze in mixed doubles with his partner Anna Bright and in men’s doubles with fellow Selkirk pro Tyson McGuffin. On his way to a bronze medal, Collin took out top-seeded Ben Johns in men’s singles. He then played in his first doubles events with his partners Steve Deakin and Ava Ignatowich, James’ sister. 

MLP San Clemente preview

James looks forward to the MLP San Clemente event where he’ll play on the New Jersey 5s. Collin is not currently an MLP team member but hopes he might get drafted next season. 

Collin’s most memorable tournament so far

Collin shares that his most memorable tournament so far is his run at the PPA Red Clay Hot Sauce Florida Open where he was seeded 55th and worked his way through qualifiers and the main draw to make it to a Sunday final match in men’s singles. He talks through his exciting matches and what it felt like to play against some of the sport’s best.

Does Collin still play tennis? 

Collin and James played tennis in college, but since their tennis careers ended, they haven’t frequently hit the courts. Listen in as the two jokes about their waning tennis skill. 

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