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Brad Cousino's Journey from the NFL Player To Pickleball Enthusiast - Future of Pickleball on SelkirkTV

By Paul Olson

on Jun 20, 2023

In the new riveting 21st episode of The Future of Pickleball on SelkirkTV, Brad Cousino, former NFL player and respected author, is warmly welcomed to the discussion panel.

0:37 - Bridging the Gap Between Super Bowl LVII and Pickleball 

The episode takes off with Cousino sharing his intriguing connection with Selkirk and his memorable experience at Super Bowl LVII.

2:45 - Journey through Cousino's Football Career 

Listeners are treated to Cousino's inspiring narrative, echoing the legendary tale of Rudy and filled with determination and grit.

3:56 - Empowering Through the Written Word 

The spotlight then turns to Cousino's acclaimed book "Unmatched, Unworthy, Unshackled," which has positively impacted and empowered many readers.

5:52 - Discovering a New Sport: Pickleball 

Cousino reveals his transition from professional football to the fast-growing sport of pickleball, offering an engaging twist to his sporting journey.

7:16 - From Touchdowns to Pickleball Tournaments 

The surprising presence of NFL players in pickleball is revealed, adding a fascinating layer to the episode.

8:30 - NFL Alumni and the Benefits of Pickleball 

The final discussion explores the potential benefits for NFL Alumni venturing into pickleball, highlighting the exciting possibilities and benefits that retired athletes can gain.

To watch the complete episode and many other Selkirk TV original shows, podcasts, lesson series from the pros, and much more, download the Selkirk TV app HERE.

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