• Selkirk Labs Explained

    Selkirk Labs Explained
    What is Selkirk Labs? Selkirk Labs is the independent research & development division of Selkirk Sport. We realized early on a passion for innovating and pushing the limits of paddle design. Selkirk Labs mission is to be constantly improving our paddles to give you an advantage on the court. We have implemented an extensive R&D process for delivering the highest performing paddles: Customer Feedback ...
  • Pickleball Technology: Past, Present, and Future

    Pickleball Technology: Past, Present, and Future
    Introduction In any sport, especially at the professional level, players are looking for advanced technology to give them a competitive advantage. This causes brands to constantly innovate to create products that deliver a competitive edge to the consumer. This is true in any sport, but especially in pickleball with its fast growth at the professional and recreational level as well as low barriers of...
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