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Team Sock Named #1 Seed Heading Into Championship Sunday at PPA Bubly Las Vegas Championships

By Kyle Whatnall

on Dec 17, 2022

The Championship Sunday schedule is set after Day 2 of the PPA Bubly Las Vegas Championships, as Team Sock and Team Young finish pool play as the top seeds for tomorrow’s elimination round. Tennis professionals Jack Sock, Donald Young, John Isner, and Sam Querrey all continued to make waves today, holding their own with and against the top pickleball players on the planet. All eyes will be on mixed doubles matchups tomorrow as participants will battle it out for pickleball history and the Championship live on national television, courtesy of ABC. The results from Saturday’s action and seeding ahead of Championship Sunday are as follows: 

Team Sock:

9 points today, 11 total. #1 seed.

(3) Sock, Parenteau & S. Smith def. Young, A.L. Waters & Devilliers 15-11, 14-15, 11-9

(3) Sock, E. Wright & S. Smith def. Querrey, Kovalova & C. Johns 15-8, 14-15, 11-5

(1) Sock & McGuffin def. Young & Devilliers 15-9, 15-13

(1) Sock & M. Wright def. Querrey & R. Newman 15-13, 12-15, 11-7

(1) Parenteau & Tereschenko def. Dizon & Jones 15-14, 15-14

Team Young: 

2 points today, 10 points total. #2 seed. 

(1) Loong & Dawson def. M. Wright & S. Smith 15-8, 15-6

(1) Grechkina Newell & C. Smith def. Tereschenko & Wright 16-14, 14-16, 11-9

Team Querrey:

6 points today, 8 points total. #3 seed.

(3) Querrey, Jones & R. Newman def. Isner, Irvine & Koller 12-15, 15-11, 11-8

(1) Dizon & Kovalova def. Jansen & L. Newman 15-9, 15-8

(1) Querrey & R. Newman def. Isner & Deakin 15-11, 15-10

(1) C. Johns & P. Smith def. McGuffin & S. Smith 15-14, 15-14

Team Isner:

1 point today, 7 points total. #4 seed.

(1) B. Johns & Koller def. C. Johns & P. Smith 14-15, 15-8, 11-8

Team Sock started off strong today in their matchup with Team Young, securing 4 points and leaving their counterparts with the remaining 2 points. Sock, Parenteau & S. Smith proved to be a dominant combination in mixed doubles after taking down Young, A.L. Waters & Devilliers 15-11, 14-15, 11-9. In perhaps the most hyped partnership of the entire tournament, Jack Sock & Tyson McGuffin (with his Vanguard Power Air Invikta) lived up to high expectations by taking down Donald Young & Jay Devilliers 15-9, 15-13. 

 “This is like a Super Bowl for us”, said Tyson McGuffin, the most electrifying man in sports. “We’re looking forward to putting on a show on ABC on Sunday. You know that I’m always active on Sunday”.

In the second matchup of the day, Team Querrey walked away with a whopping 5 points, leaving Team Isner with just 1. Querrey, Jones & R. Newman earned 3 of those points with a mixed doubles win over Isner, Irvine & Koller 12-15, 15-11, 11-8. The group also proved to be a commanding force in women’s doubles as Meghan Dizon & Lucy Kovalova combined for a 15-9, 15-8 win over Lea Jansen & L. Newman. Querrey & R. Newman combined for a win over Isner & Deakin 15-11, 15-10 to acquire the final point.

In the final matchup of Saturday evening, Team Sock took on Team Querrey, taking 5 points and leaving just 1 points for their rivals. Sock, E. Wright & S. Smith defeated Querrey, Kovalova & C. Johns 15-8, 14-15, 11-5. Sock secured an additional point from the matchup when he teamed up with Matt Wright and beat Sam Querrey & Riley Newman 15-13, 12-15, 11-7. Catherine Parenteau & Irina Tereschenko also combined for 1 point by taking down Meghan Dizon & Allyce Jones 15-14, 15-14. 

Jumping right into the highest level of the sport and looking comfortable, Jack Sock has turned some heads and made some noise in the pickleball world thus far this weekend. Famed especially by his professional tennis men’s doubles resume, Sock has displayed his racket sport prowess and perhaps can be considered an MVP of the event thus far. With his success over the past two days, it is no wonder that he and his star-studded team (which includes the likes of Tyson McGuffin and Catherine Parenteau) head into Championship Sunday with the top seed. 

“Based on team strategy, I’m not sure if the pairings we’ve seen thus far will stay the same for tomorrow”, said Jack Sock. “We’ll probably see some new pairings, it will be intense and a lot quicker. I’m going to keep trying to hold my own like I’ve been trying to do all weekend and keep helping the team if I can. Hopefully we come out on top, that would be fun.”

The Semi-finals and Championship of the PPA Bubly Las Vegas Championship takes place tomorrow from 10-12pm PT live on ABC. In the Semifinal round, top-seeded Team Sock will take on fourth-seeded Team Isner, and second-seeded Team Young will face third-seeded Team Querrey.

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