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Selkirk Pros Featured in 4 of 5 Events on PPA Masters Sunday

By Joshua Gartman

on Jan 13, 2024

Frazier Keeps Momentum Going

Dylan Frazier has been a staple on Championship Sunday recently but it is usually with his partner JW Johnson by his side. This time he will go at it alone as he is in the singles final against good friend Federico Staksrud. Frazier was an afterthought in the singles draw heading into the event but has strung together three impressive wins over JW Johnson, Tyson McGuffin and Quang Duong. Frazier knows Staksrud’s game as well as anyone so expect him to try to get into a lot of cat and mouse points. Federico ended Jack’s Sock’s strong run today with a convincing 1 & 3 win.

Parenteau Gets Waters

In the last seven PPA Tour women’s singles finals Catherine Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters have gone head-to-head for the title. The one event they didn’t face off they both decided to rest and focus on doubles. These two have been the class women’s singles and hopefully we are treated to another classic tomorrow morning. Parenteau needs to get off to a good start as Anna Leigh is near impossible to beat when she has a lead. These two know each other’s games well so this match will come down to execution.

Ignatowich & Bright Find a Way

James Ignatowich’s ability to take court and put pressure on his opponents when he is established at the kitchen line continues to be his best weapon and why he has become one of the best mixed doubles players in pro pickleball. He and Anna Bright were tested versus Tyson McGuffin and Meghan Dizon but locked in and never looked back after a tight game 1 loss. The final hill to climb will be taking out the team of Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters on Sunday. Bright & Ignatowich should come in with confidence as they beat this very team in December at the PPA Finals. This is might very well end up being the match of the day so don’t miss it.

Rohrabacher & Bright Advance in Style

Rachel Rohrabacher is ascending up the pickleball ranks in a hurry. An unknown commodity in the summer of 2023 she has quickly become one of the sport’s rising stars. She has effortless power combined with extremely soft hands to go with a fiery personality on court. Put that next to Anna Bright and we have a team that can beat anybody. They rolled through the veterans Lucy Kovalova & Callie Smith 2 & 0. Their prize is a date with a team that has never lost in Catherine Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters. This is one of the most intriguing matchups of the young season so make sure to tune in to see if Bright & Rohrabacher can figure out a way to gold.

PPA Finals Rematch Set

The Johns brothers dropped a tight game 1 to Pablo Tellez and Federico Staksrud 11-13 but quickly found their footing winning the next two games 11-3, 11-1. Riley Newman and Thomas Wilson played an eerily similar semifinals as they dropped a close game 1 to Jay Devilliers and Pat Smith before reeling off 16 points in a row on serve at the beginning of game 2. 




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