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By Joshua Gartman

PPA KC Saturday Recap

The pros got a bit of a break from the heat as a rain delay postponed early morning action. After a slight break play continued on and we saw some brand-new partnerships mesh extremely well and have some fantastic results. Let’s break it all down starting with men’s doubles.

Men’s Doubles Championship: (1) Ben Johns/Matt Wright vs (2) JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier 

This will be the first time seeing this matchup out on the court as Collin Johns is sidelined with an injury but all four players are regular participants on Championship Sunday on the PPA Tour. The chess match should be extremely interesting as Matt Wright is more known for his hand speed and counters while Collin is more known for his dinking and resets. It should be very fun to watch but let’s first start with how they got here.

(1) Johns/Wright had a tough matchup early on as they dropped game 1 to (16) De La Rosa/Newell before making adjustments to win games 2 and 3 11-3, 11-3. Interesting to note Newell is one of the few players to beat Ben this year in men’s doubles as his drive and crash style can create problems for just about anybody. In the QF and SF it was smooth sailing as they took down (8) Young/Loong 3 & 3 and (12) Alshon/Navratil 8 & 5.

(2) Johnson/Frazier have been on absolute fire lately as they now own a 19-match win streak together heading into tomorrow’s final as they look for their 4th gold medal in a row. This team is clicking on all cylinders as they breezed through the draw taking out (10) Wilson/Pat Smith and (6) Ignatowich/McGuffin in straight games.

Women’s Doubles Championship: (1) Anna Leigh Waters/Catherine Parenteau vs (2) Anna Bright/Meghan Dizon

(1) Waters/Parenteau remain unbeaten this season and they played like it today as they dropped only 14 points in three matches. They took out (9) Newell/Buckner in the QF and (12) Jade Kawamoto/Andrea Koop in the SF en route to another Championship Sunday appearance.

(2) Bright/Dizon had a much tougher road as they dropped a game in 2 of their 3 matches but were still able to pull through. They beat (10) Schneemann/Black 11-2, 10-12, 11-2 in the QF. In the SF they beat (6) Jackie Kawamoto/Tereschenko 11-8, 8-11, 11-2. Both Bright and Dizon are extremely dangerous with the amount of firepower each possesses so they should be able to test both Waters/Parenteau in Sunday’s final.

On The Horizon

Tune into Amazon Prime at 10AM CT to catch all five Championship Sunday matches which will feature Tyson McGuffin, Catherine Parenteau, Ben Johns, Anna Bright, JW Johnson, Dylan Frazier and Riley Newman. A lot of star power battling it out for gold medals what more could you ask for.

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