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By Stephen Bass

New Partnerships Earn Championship Sunday Bids in Mixed Pro Doubles at the USA PIckleball Nationals

Riley Newman/Anna Leigh Waters will take on Ben Johns and Catherine Parenteau on Championship Sunday. 

JW Johnson and Parris Todd take bronze🥉 

NEW PARTNERSHIPS were the talk of the day as we saw several unfamiliar pairings from the top players. Namely:

  • Riley Newman & Anna Leigh Waters
  • Ben Johns & Catherine Parenteau
  • JW Johnson & Parris Todd 

Riley Newman & Anna Leigh Waters came in as the #1 seeds and made quick work of their opponents throughout the day, not dropping a single game and outsourcing their opponents 92-47. Anna Leigh Waters has yet to drop a game in the tournament after a dominating performance yesterday in pro singles. 

Ben Johns and Catherine Parenteau had a more challenging road to the finals after losing to Parris Todd and JW Johnson in the 4th round of the tournament (11-8, 11-8). Johns and Parenteau were able to get the two wins they needed to get to the bronze medal match, knocking off Dekel Bar/Jacki Kawamoto (15-13) and then Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova (16-14). 


Parris Todd and JW Johnson made it to the winners bracket final before losing to Waters/Newman, and being dropped down into the consolation bracket. Todd and Johnson had to face Johns/Parenteau who they had already beaten earlier in the afternoon (11-8, 11-8). But it was a different story in the bronze medal match as Parenteau and Johns got their revenge and won in straight sets. 

Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova just missed out on the hardware, finishing 4th. And Jessie Irving and Jay Devilliers would finish the day fifth, but not before Jay gives us this smooth behind the back winner earlier in the draw:


What’s Next?

All four of these players have been constant fixtures in mixed doubles gold medal matches this year. But what makes this matchup unique is the different matchups we will get to see. Johns and Waters have won countless gold medals playing together this year, but we have yet to see them on opposite sides of the court facing off. 

It’s hard to say who has the advantage, so we won’t try to! But the stage is set for an  epic showdown on Championship Sunday!
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