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Men's and Women's Doubles Bring The Highlights and Excitement To The USA Pickleball Nationals

By Stephen Bass

on Nov 12, 2022


Men's doubles: Dekel Bar and JW Johnson will face Ben Johns and Collin Johns on Championship Sunday. Riley Newman and Matt Wright take the bronze🥉

Women's doubles: Anns Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau will face Anna Bright and Jessie Irvine on Championship Sunday. Parris Todd and Lauren Stratman take the bronze🥉

Women’s Doubles

Before play even started, a sudden change in the draw occurred when Catherine Parenteau changed partners to play with top ranked player, Anna Leigh Waters (Leigh Waters was originally scheduled to play with Anna Leigh, but sustained an injury the day prior in mixed doubles.) Allyce Jones was scheduled to play with Catherine, and it appeared she was forced to withdraw after finding herself without a partner.

It’s unclear if there were any additional circumstances that may have contributed to this sudden change in partnership. But fans were surprised to see Parenteau and Anna Leigh hit the courts on the same side of the net. 

Although not prepared to play with each other, Waters and Parenteau looked nothing short of dominant on the court, outscoring their opponents 66-29 and not dropping a single game. The duo only needed 3 wins on the day to secure their spot in the finals. 

Jessie Irvine and Anna Bright took down the #2 seeds Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith on their way to the winners bracket final, where they would fall to Parenteau and Waters. Irvine and Bright needed just one win in the bronze medal match to get back on track for a finals appearance. They were able to do just that, beating Parris Todd and Lauren Stratman (11-5, 11-8).


Parris Todd and Lauren Stratman had to fight through the backdraw after an early loss on the day, but were able to rally and secure the bronze medal.

Men’s Doubles

Lately, it’s expected that if Ben Johns/Collin Johns and Matt Wright/Riley Newman are playing, they will meet in the finals. But not today! 

Dekel Bar and JW Johnson would run through the winner’s bracket, and handily beating the #1 seeds Matt Wright/Riley Newman 11-2, 11-3 in the winners bracket finals. 

Ben and Collin Johns would be handed a loss by the hands of Tyson McGuffin and Jay Devillier earlier in the draw. The Johns brothers however would rally, and fought through the field to earn a spot on championship sunday. The Johns brothers were able to take down Wright and Newman in the bronze medal match.



More Highlights:

We had to mention these sick plays from the day: 

Jay Devilliers gave us this gem as he appeared trying to go for back to back SportsCenter Top 10 Appearances: 



Kyle Yates hit a shot we have never seen with this shot: 



What's Next?

Championship Sunday starts tomorrow with all of the singles and doubles pro finals taking place throughout the day on Selkirk TV!



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