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Martinez Vich Stuns the Field, Bronze for McGuffin & Parenteau on Singles Day at PPA Selkirk Texas Open

By Kyle Whatnall

on Jun 01, 2023

The PPA Tour Selkirk Texas Open began in spectacular fashion, brimming with intense competition, exceptional skill, and strategic singles gameplay. From the onset, it was evident that this tournament was set to exceed expectations. 

Men's Singles Championship Sunday Matchup (Sunday, June 4th):

(1) Ben Johns vs. (19) Jaume Martinez Vich

Ben Johns: 

def. (32) Clarke Wilson 11-8, 11-1. 

def. (16) Travis Rettenmaier 11-4, 11-8.

def. (9) Hunter Johnson 11-9, 11-7.

def. (4) Tyson McGuffin 1-11, 11-6, 11-8.

In the Men's Singles category, top seed Ben Johns proved why he's considered one of the sport's best. With his razor-sharp strategy and powerful gameplay, he charted a steady course towards the finals, overcoming formidable opponents along the way. His quarterfinal match against 9th seed Hunter Johnson ended in a convincing victory of 11-9, 11-7. 

 Facing defending champion and Selkirk-sponsored Tyson McGuffin in the semi-finals, Johns showed his true mettle. Despite a rocky start with an 1-11 loss in the first game, Johns staged an impressive comeback to win the next two games 11-6, 11-8. His determination and never-say-die attitude set the stage for an exciting final.

Jaume Martinez Vich:

def. (14) Yates Johnson 11-5, 11-5.

def. (3) Jay Devilliers 12-10, 11-6.

def. Dylan Frazier 6-11, 11-2, 11-8.

def. (2) Federico Staksrud 11-6, 4-11, 11-5.

One of the most compelling stories from the day, however, belongs to 19th seed Jaume Martinez Vich. His ascent to the finals was marked by a series of impressive upsets against higher-ranked players, a testament to his skill, perseverance, and grit. Vich's quarterfinal match against Selkirk-sponsored Dylan Frazier was a rollercoaster of a contest, with him ultimately claiming victory with a scoreline of 6-11, 11-2, 11-8.

His performance in the semi-finals against 2nd seed Federico Staksrud further bolstered his reputation as a formidable contender. Despite losing the second game, Vich managed to maintain his composure, clinching the match 11-6, 4-11, 11-5. His Cinderella story added an extra layer of excitement to the tournament, as fans eagerly await the final showdown with Johns. Tyson McGuffin would rebound to claim the bronze medal. 

Women's Singles Championship Sunday Matchup (Sunday, June 4th):

(1) Anna Leigh Waters vs. (2) Lea Jansen 

Anna Leigh Waters: 

def. (17) Tatiana Ruhl 0-0, 0-0 (by Withdrawal).

def. (8) Yana Grechkina 11-1, 11-2.

def. (4) Catherine Parenteau 11-9, 11-8.

On the Women's Singles front, top seed Anna Leigh Waters lived up to her reputation, sweeping through her matches with power and precision. She dominated her quarterfinals match against 8th seed Yana Grechkina, winning comfortably 11-1, 11-2.

 The semi-finals saw Waters facing a challenging adversary in Selkirk-sponsored Catherine Parenteau. But even this formidable opponent could not stop Waters. She clinched the match 11-9, 11-8, showcasing her impressive skill set and strategic acumen. Her strong performance sets up an exciting face-off in the finals.

Lea Jansen: 

def. (31) Camila Zilveti 11-4, 11-4.

def. (18) Genie Erokhina 11-6, 12-10.

def. (10) Lina Padegimaite 11-7, 11-2.

def. (6) Judit Castillo 11-4, 11-4.

Second seed Lea Jansen also made her presence felt on the court with a series of resounding victories. She overpowered 10th seed Lina Padegimaite in the quarterfinals, winning decisively 11-7, 11-2. Her strong command of the game and athletic prowess were on full display throughout the day.

In the semi-finals, Jansen was matched against Selkirk-sponsored Judit Castillo. Not one to be daunted, Jansen continued her winning streak, securing the match with a confident 11-4, 11-4 victory. Her performance underscores her readiness for the finals, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown with Waters. Catherine Parenteau claimed the bronze medal. 

Mixed Doubles: Anticipation Builds

With the conclusion of the singles events, the tournament is gearing up for Selkirk Texas Open mixed doubles play tomorrow, promising a whole new level of strategic gameplay and teamwork. Fans can tune into the PPA Tour YouTube channel livestream at 10am CT to follow all the action.



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