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Ignatowich & Bright survive, advance to championship Sunday

By Joshua Gartman

on Jun 07, 2024

What a day of mixed doubles in Sacramento, CA. Matches were competitive all day long and fans were treated to some of the best that pro pickleball has to offer. In the end it was the top two seeds that rose to the occasion but it was far from easy. Let’s take a look at how they got there.

Mixed Doubles Championship: (1) Johns/Waters vs (2) Ignatowich/Bright

Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters were tested in their semifinal match against the Johnson siblings. The week prior they beat them handily in the finals but today was a different story. Jorja Johnson was successful attacking Johns,  which kept him from hanging out in the middle and squeezing the court. In the end Johns and Waters pulled it out in two tight games 11-9, 11-9.

It was an eventful day for James Ignatowich and Anna Bright. They didn’t bring their best stuff against Dylan Frazier and Hurricane Tyra Black and found themselves down a game before turning the match around. Ignatowich ramped up the pressure and was taking as much court as he could as they sealed the deal 11-7 in the 3rd. The semifinals didn’t get any easier as they faced off against Riley Newman (who is back playing PPA tour events) and Etta Wright. It was a seesaw back and forth battle and after over an hour the score read 9-9 in game 3. After some incredible digs to get out of trouble Ignatowich sealed the deal with a beautiful backhand roll from the baseline. 

Ignatowich and Bright have now made four mixed doubles finals in 2024 but will be looking for their first title of the season. They have lost to Johns and Waters in three of their previous finals meetings.

On the Horizon

Gender doubles coverage begins at 2pm EST on PickleballTV. James Ignatowich will be teaming up with Ben Johns and that is partnership fans have been talking about since it was announced. Rachel Rohrabacher is back with Anna Bright while Jack Sock is teaming up with Thomas Wilson. It should be another exciting day of action.

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