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Frazier & Parenteau Grab Gold Medals to Kick Off 2024

By Joshua Gartman

on Jan 14, 2024

Frazier Turns the Tables

The last time Dylan Frazier won a PPA singles medal was at the Hyundai Masters in 2023. He lost in the semifinal to his opponent in today’s final, Federico Staksrud. Staksrud was able to erase a one game lead last year but today it was Frazier who was able to erase the deficit to lift the trophy. Frazier has no tennis background so he relies on incredible quickness and anticipation to win points. He doesn’t blow opponents away with power but instead tries to wear them down in cat and mouse points at the kitchen line. He did just that today as he battled back from a big hole in game 3 to clinch the match 11-9 in the 3rd and deciding game.

Ignatowich & Bright Battle Johns & Waters

The strategy for Bright & James Ignatowich was clear from the get go. Let James play big in the middle and try to heat up Waters & Johns before they could settle in. Being the underdogs, they knew how important game 1 was and they came out swinging. They had a 4-0 lead but Johns and Waters were able to weather the initial surge to take it 11-8. Games 2 and 3 were close but it was too much Johns and Waters down the stretch as they took the final two games 7 & 7 to clinch the title.

Parenteau & Waters Add to Collection 

The women’s doubles final was extremely high quality as the offense of both Rohrabacher and Bright put Waters and Catherine Parenteau in some compromising positions at times but the defense and variety from the #1 women’s team hit its peak in the high-pressure moments as they closed out a tight game 1 and tight game 3 to remain undefeated as a partnership. As Rohrabacher continues to get high level reps look for this to be the team to challenge Waters & Parenteau most of the 2024 PPA season.

Johns Brothers Momentum Continues

Newman and Wilson took the Johns brothers to four games at the PPA Finals in December of last year. The match was tied 1-1 before Ben and Collin took control and really slowed the match down. Today’s men’s final played out eerily similar. Newman and Wilson ramped up the tempo to take game 2 but the adjustment by the Johns brothers turned the match around. They relied on their soft game and waited for Newman and Wilson to pull the trigger as they counter attacked magnificently to cruise in games 3 and 4.

Waters Edges Parenteau

Waters and Parenteau traded blows in game 1 as the scoreboard read 9-9 after about 20 minutes of play. Waters was able to squeak it out 11-9 and then jumped out to a big lead in game 2 before Parenteau came flying back to make it 9-6. The precision off both wings from Waters sealed the deal as she earned her first triple crown of 2024. Parenteau can walk away with a lot of positives from this one as this match was much closer than the 9 & 6 scoreline.



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