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Dylan Frazier & JW Johnson Onto Championship Sunday at PPA Selkirk Texas Open

By Kyle Whatnall

on Jun 03, 2023

The action and tournament energy reached new heights on day three of the PPA Tour Selkirk Texas Open. It was a day of predictable victories and startling upsets in the Men's Doubles category.

Dominant Display by the Johns Brothers

Starting the day strong, the top-seeded duo of Ben and Collin Johns breezed past the 32nd-seeded pair of Haworth and Hammond with an identical scoreline of 11-3 in both sets. This was followed by a whitewash against the 16th-seeded Stone and Cincola, with the brothers routing them 11-0 and 11-2.

The 9th-seeded pair of Staksrud and Tellez proved to be a stiffer challenge for the Johns, pushing them into a three-set battle. Despite dropping the second set 4-11, the Johns brothers bounced back to clinch the decider 11-3.

In their last match of the day, the Johns brothers asserted their supremacy over the 4th-seeded duo of Koller and Loong, cruising to victory with an 11-7, 11-2 scoreline, thereby securing their spot in the championship.

Frazier & Johnson - The Young Dynamic Duo

Parallelly, the third-seeded duo of Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson began their campaign with a three-set triumph over the 30th-seeded Irizarry & Medina Alvarez, winning 11-6, 9-11, 11-1.

 The young duo then went on to display a commanding performance against the 19th-seeded Johnson pair, winning 11-0 and 11-8. Frazier and Johnson further showcased their excellent form by defeating the 6th-seeded team of McGuffin & Ignatowich with a convincing 11-7, 11-2 score.

The climax of their day came as they took on the 2nd-seeded Newman and Wright, showing their mettle by notching a resounding 11-5, 11-4 victory and punching their ticket to the championship.

Women's Doubles Play Interrupted by Weather

The Women's Doubles matches were unfortunately curtailed due to inclement weather, but not before setting the stage for tomorrow's semifinals. 

 Semifinal Showdowns Set

Top-seeded Catherine Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters will square off against fourth-seeded Lea Jansen and Jessie Irvine. Meanwhile, seventh-seeded Meghan Dizon and Etta Wright will clash with third-seeded Anna Bright and Lacy Schneemann.

Championship Sunday - Clash of the Titans

With the Johns brothers' dominance and Frazier and Johnson's tenacity, the Men's Doubles Championship promises to be a gripping contest.

Also on tap for Championship Sunday:

  • Men's Singles: (1) Ben Johns vs. (19) Jaume Martinez Vich
  • Women's Singles: (1) Anna Leigh Waters vs. (2) Lea Jansen
  • Mixed Doubles: (1) Anna Leigh Waters & Ben Johns vs. (3) Lindsey & Riley Newman
  • Men's Doubles: (1) Ben & Collin Johns vs. (3) Dylan Frazier & JW Johnson
  • Women's Doubles: TBA

Championship Sunday Livestream

All the thrilling PPA Selkirk Texas Open action can be followed on the PPA Tour YouTube Channel livestream. We invite all pickleball enthusiasts to tune in and enjoy the grand finale of the PPA Tour Selkirk Texas Open. Don't miss out!

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