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Dylan Frazier: from 3.5 to the No. 1 men’s doubles player

By Allison Sumida

on Jul 01, 2024

Dylan Frazier about to hit a ball at the kitchen line of a pickleball game


Winning the men’s doubles title in San Clemente meant far more to Team Selkirk’s Dylan Frazier than clinching an impressive tenth title with JW Johnson. This victory secured Frazier the No. 1 spot in the men’s doubles rankings, a position that has been held by Ben Johns since September 2020.

Frazier has had quite the season so far, winning the men’s singles title at the Masters and capturing four of the last five PPA men’s doubles titles. However, reaching the coveted No. 1 spot in men’s doubles was no easy feat. Frazier’s rise through the ranks was eight years in the making and involved no tennis background, unlike many of the other pros in the top 10.



From Dylan’s perspective, progressing from the 3.5 level to 4.0 required a newfound dedication to the game, particularly to drilling. Taking the time to work on shots and being comfortable making those shots in high-pressure moments was key to his success. Then, working his way from a 4.0 level to a 5.0 and eventual pro level was all about competing with higher-level players and gaining experience in tournaments. 

Reflecting on his growth and reaching the No. 1 spot in pickleball, Frazier told us, 'It feels great to have reached this milestone, and I feel even more motivated now to continue to improve!'

Frazier will remain No. 1 for the remainder of July and will play his first tournament as the top seed at the Selkirk Kansas City Open in August.

Dylan Frazier’s top three tips for quick improvement in pickleball

1. Always look to play against higher-level competition and enter tournaments.

2. Drill, drill, drill!

3. Learn to go for the high-percentage shots.

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