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All-Selkirk Showdown as McGuffin and Tellez Reach Finals on Singles Day, Parenteau to Face Devidze on Women's Side

By Kyle Whatnall

on Apr 05, 2023

The Selkirk Red Rock Open, a prominent event on the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour, commenced today in the picturesque setting of St. George, Utah, with singles day bringing the heat. The competition was intense, with participants showcasing their skills, determination, and passion for the sport. The day was filled with exhilarating games, unexpected upsets, and exceptional individual performances that left spectators and pickleball enthusiasts in awe.

In the women's singles, top-seeded Catherine Parenteau demonstrated her dominance on the court, displaying remarkable consistency and strength as she went undefeated throughout the day. Parenteau's aggressive playing style, characterized by powerful drives and surgical volleys at the kitchen line, proved to be too much for her opponents. Her superior technique, coupled with the popular Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta Paddle, made for an unstoppable combination.

 Parenteau's journey to Championship Saturday was marked by a string of impressive victories, culminating in a decisive win over Irina Tereschenko in the Semifinal, 11-2, 11-1. Tereschenko, a formidable opponent in her own right, was unable to withstand Parenteau's relentless onslaught. Parenteau will now face Salome Devidze in the women's final, promising a thrilling and closely contested match. Lea Jansen's commendable performance throughout the day earned her a well-deserved bronze medal.

Over in the men's singles, Tyson McGuffin made a triumphant return to the scene as the 4 seed. His undeniable talent and determination were on full display as he fought his way to a Championship Saturday appearance. McGuffin's day began with a tough three-set match against Travis Rettenmaier, a contest that tested his resilience and mental fortitude. McGuffin emerged victorious, setting the stage for an intense Semifinal showdown against Connor Garnett. 

 Garnett, coming off an impressive upset victory against Federico Staksrud, proved to be a challenging opponent. However, McGuffin's experience and skill shone through as he secured a two-game victory and a spot in the men's final.

On the other side of the men's bracket, Selkirk's rising star, Pablo Tellez, delivered one of the day's most significant upsets. The young and talented Tellez demonstrated his potential by defeating the 2 seed, Jay Devilliers, in a nail-biting Semifinal match. Tellez's relentless determination and remarkable skill carried him to victory, winning 6-11, 11-4, 11-7.

This victory sets up an intriguing Championship matchup between Tellez and McGuffin, with both players eager to prove their mettle and claim the coveted title. Despite the earlier setback, Devilliers showcased his tenacity by regrouping and securing the bronze medal, demonstrating why he is considered one of the top players in the sport. 

 As we head into Championship Saturday, pickleball fans can expect more edge-of-your-seat matches and outstanding performances from the sport's finest players. With Parenteau set to face Devidze in the women's final and McGuffin preparing to take on Tellez in the men's final, the Selkirk Red Rock Open is shaping up to be an unforgettable tournament. Action continues tomorrow, with livestream coverage available at 10:00am MT on the PPA Tour Youtube channel. As the anticipation builds and the excitement reaches a fever pitch, there is no doubt that the remaining matches will deliver unforgettable moments and showcase the very best that the world of professional pickleball has to offer.

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