Kim Jagd


Kim Jagd of Indian Wells, California attributes her early successes on the Pickleball court to her successful volleyball career, where her passion for team sports and competition began at an early age. Jagd won a NCAA Women’s Volleyball title in 1984 with UCLA and went on to play 3 seasons of Professional Beach Volleyball, where she recorded several Top 10 finishes in the sand. Following her competitive playing career, Jagd enjoyed a successful career as a volleyball coach, highlighted by her 17-year stint at UCLA. Fueled by a passion to compete, Kim was introduced to Pickleball in 2015, and she’s been hooked ever since.

Jagd sees the benefits of Pickleball in all age groups, not just seniors, explaining, “My experience teaching and playing with children and young adults has been enlightening. They take to Pickleball so easily and seem to enjoy being able to play with their siblings, parents, and grandparents.”

Jagd believes Pickleball will continue to evolve, and hopes it will one day be played competitively at the High School and Collegiate level. The Indian Wells resident touts local facilities: Indian Wells Tennis Garden and Desert Horizons Country Club, as her favorite Pickleball venues.  While she prefers to play outdoors, Jagd captured her first professional title at the 2018 Indoor International Pickleball Championship, winning gold in the Women’s Senior Doubles Senior Open alongside fellow Team Selkirk player Helle Sparre.

Reinforcing her love for team sports, Kim prefers competing in doubles, as it requires communication, strategy and teamwork on the court.



2018 International Indoor Pickleball Championship


2019 US Open Pickleball Championship

Silver - Women's Doubles Age 19+ with Kaitlyn Christian

Silver - Senior Mixed Pro Doubles withScott Burr


2019 US Open Pickleball Championship

Bronze - Women's Doubles Age 50+ with Helen Wilhelm