Enrique Ruiz

TeamSelkirk Advisory Staff Member, Enrique Ruiz, spends his work days as a private contractor, while his leisure time is consumed with being an elite professional Pickleball player. Ruiz’ job not only allows him the flexibility to travel to the biggest tournaments throughout the country, but it enables him the time to practice and hone his skills at the sport he has perfected for the past 20 years. Ruiz who resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and son, is known by all his friends and playing partners as “El Condor.” This well-suited nickname was given to him because of his amazing ability to switch hands, and his long wingspan which allows Ruiz to cover a lot of space on the Pickleball court. 



6-time National Open Champion


National Gold Medalist in Singles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles


3-time Gold Medalist in the prestigious Tournament of Champions

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