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Pickleball Education | Oct 31, 2023

By Dominic Catalano

The Art of Dinking Resets - Strategic Insights From Dominic Catalano on SelkirkTV

Pickleball enthusiasts seeking to enhance their game strategy and court skills will find invaluable advice in the latest episode from SelkirkTV, featuring respected pickleball instructor Dominic Catalano. Focusing on the advanced skill of resetting the point through effective dinking, this episode is a deep dive into transforming challenging rallies into opportunities for victory.

The Tactical Edge of Dinking Resets

Dinking, a soft, controlled shot in pickleball, is crucial in shifting the momentum of the game. Dominic’s lesson concentrates on using dinks to reset the point — particularly when under pressure. This tactic is not just about returning the ball; it's about strategically placing it to regain control and create an advantageous position.

Understanding the Dinking Strategy

In his detailed demonstration with Clint, Dominic elaborates on the nuances of cross-court dinking. When pulling an opponent wide, the responding player often faces a difficult situation. Dominic explains:

  1. The Challenge of Hard Dinks: Pulling your opponent wide with a hard dink can be effective. Even if they manage a good return, they're likely out of position, opening the middle of the court.

  2. Strategic Resetting: When under pressure, the instinctive move might be to reset down the line. While this is often the easiest option, Catalano advises aiming for the inside foot of the opposite player.

  3. Avoiding the Erne: By directing the reset to the inside foot, it limits the opponent’s ability to perform an 'erne' — a move where a player jumps from outside the court to hit a volley, then lands back outside. Targeting the inside foot keeps the ball out of reach and helps maintain control.

Practical Application and Drills

The lesson progresses with Catalano and Clint engaging in cross-court dinks. Dominic demonstrates how to manage pressure by continuously resetting to the inside foot, thereby nullifying potential ernies from Sean, their hypothetical opponent. This practical illustration offers viewers an opportunity to visualize and understand the mechanics and thought process behind each shot.

Key Takeaways for Advanced Players

For players looking to advance their game, understanding and implementing strategic dinking resets is crucial. This technique doesn’t just rescue players from tight spots; it actively turns defensive positions into offensive opportunities.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Game

Dominic Catalano's instruction on SelkirkTV is more than just a lesson in pickleball skills. It's an exploration into the strategic depths of the game, revealing how thought, precision, and anticipation can combine to create a winning edge. 

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