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Mastering the Roll Flick Shot: A SelkirkTV Instructional Video Breakdown

By Kyle Whatnall

on May 12, 2023

In the world of pickleball, the roll flick shot stands as one of the most aggressive yet rewarding shots to master. As Porter Barr, a professional pickleball player, demonstrates in this insightful SelkirkTV YouTube video, this shot can serve as a real game-changer, catching opponents off guard and effectively disrupting the rally's tempo.

The premise of the roll flick shot is relatively simple, but the execution requires finesse, timing, and patience. Porter explains that this shot is generally used during a dinking rally, often crosscourt, and interestingly, it is one of the few shots you might take from below the net. The aim is to hit the ball out of the air and roll it to land somewhere around your opponent's hip—a place they will struggle to return effectively.

In his video, Porter showcases a simple drill to practice this shot. It involves dinking crosscourt, both backhand and forehand. He patiently waits for his partner, Clint, to hit a shot that he can take out of the air before rolling it down the line. He emphasizes the importance of not overdoing this shot—you're not aiming for speed or power, but rather a slight pace change to disrupt the rally's rhythm.

Another crucial aspect of the roll flick shot is the technical execution. As Porter demonstrates, this shot requires more wrist action compared to other shots. The player starts from a low position, catching the ball around the midsection, and then uses the whole body—wrist, arms, and legs—to rotate upwards, adding topspin to the ball so it will dip down into the court.

One of Porter's key advice in mastering this shot is patience. He stresses the importance of waiting for the right ball—one you're comfortable and confident with. If the incoming ball doesn't look as great as initially thought, Porter encourages players to take a step back and simply dink the ball back. As he wisely states, "We want to go with something you know you can do rather than something you think you can do."

The roll flick shot is not only for backhand but is also effective on the forehand side. The principles of patience, consistency, and targeting the opponent's hip area down the line still apply. However, it's essential to remember to stay low with bent knees, allowing your legs to do the work while hitting the ball upward and maintaining control of the shot.

In his video, Porter does a fantastic job of demonstrating this challenging but rewarding shot. He not only showcases the mechanics of the shot but also emphasizes the importance of patience and decision-making in pickleball. The roll flick shot is an excellent offensive weapon when used correctly, and with Porter's tips and guidance, players at any level can begin to incorporate this shot into their own game.

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