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Mastering Pickleball Shot Selection: A SelkirkTV Instructional Video Breakdown

By Kyle Whatnall

on Apr 24, 2023

Have you ever wanted to up your pickleball game and become a more versatile player? In a recent instructional YouTube video, professional pickleball player Susannah Barr introduced an exciting and challenging drill called "Dink, Drive, Block" to help players improve their skills and shot-making choices on the court. This cooperative drill starts off with a set pattern but can be turned into a competitive exercise as you progress. Ready to dive in? Let's explore Susannah's drill in more detail.

The Dink, Drive, Block Drill:

Susannah's Dink, Drive, Block drill focuses on three key shots in pickleball: dinking, driving, and blocking. The goal is to train your brain and body to be in control while playing and making choices during points. By practicing these shots in a set pattern, you can improve your ability to transition between different kinds of shots and increase your overall control on the court.

Starting the Drill:

  1. Both players begin at the kitchen line.
  2. Player 1 initiates the pattern by dinking the ball to Player 2.
  3. Player 2 takes a step back to speed up or attack, driving the ball back to Player 1.
  4. Player 1 blocks the shot back into the kitchen, focusing on a block rather than a counter-punch.
  5. Player 2 dinks the ball back to Player 1.
  6. Player 1 drives the ball at Player 2, who then resets the pattern.

Tips for Success:

  • Stay forward on your weight while dinking.
  • Focus on taking your time, staying low, and keeping the paddle out in front of you when driving.
  • Allow yourself to take a step back from the kitchen line to block the ball effectively.
  • Repeat the pattern while saying "dink, drive, block" out loud to get comfortable with the pattern.
  • Mix up the pace of the ball to increase the challenge.

Transitioning to a Competitive Drill:

Once you feel comfortable with the set pattern, you can make the drill more competitive by removing the pattern and allowing each player to choose their shots. Focus on the three options: dink, drive, or block. This will help you train your brain to recognize when it's best to use each shot in a game situation.


Susannah Barr's Dink, Drive, Block drill is an excellent way to practice different shots in pickleball and become a more versatile and skilled player. By starting with a set pattern and transitioning to a more competitive environment, you'll improve your ability to make smart choices on the court, enhancing your overall game. So grab your paddle, find a partner, and start mastering the art of pickleball with this fantastic drill!

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