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Pickleball Education | Oct 31, 2023

By Morgan Evans

How Far Apart Should I be From My Partner in Pickleball - Positioning Strategies With Morgan Evans on SelkirkTV

Unlock the secrets of effective pickleball play in SelkirkTV's latest tutorial featuring renowned instructor Morgan Evans. This episode zeroes in on the crucial skills of dinking and lateral movement, catering to players eager to refine their technique and court presence. Let's delve into the insights shared by Morgan Evans to enhance your game strategy and dominate the court.

The Art of Dinking and Positioning

Dinking is not just about soft, strategic shots over the net; it's an intricate dance of positioning and movement, particularly at the kitchen line. Morgan begins by emphasizing the importance of early movement. Even if speed isn't your forte, positioning yourself in advance can be just as effective.

Key Principles of Effective Court Movement

Morgan explains the multifaceted nature of positioning in pickleball:

  1. Understand the Position Equation: Your position at the kitchen line depends on several factors including the ball's position and trajectory, both teams' positions, and individual reaction times. A nuanced understanding of these elements is crucial.

  2. Covering Gaps: One fundamental strategy is to minimize open spaces on the court. Imagine an invisible string tying you to your partner; moving in harmony to cover each other's shots is essential to maintaining a strong defense.

  3. Distance Between Partners: The ideal spacing between partners can vary. For those with rapid reflexes and extensive reach, 9 to 10 feet may work. However, most players should aim for a closer 6 to 8 feet, especially to protect the middle area effectively.

  4. Off-Ball Movement: Morgan stresses that the movements you make when not directly playing the ball are just as critical. Each shot should be strategic, either keeping you in position or setting you up advantageously for the next move.

Strategic Shot Placement

Morgan advises on shot selection based on your and your partner's abilities:

  • Shots to the Middle: If constant movement isn't your strength, aim your shots towards the center to reduce the opponents' angle possibilities.
  • Creating Space and Opportunities: For those capable of brisk and agile movement, distributing shots around the court can create openings for attacks. This strategy, while effective, requires continuous and coordinated movement from both partners.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Game with Smart Play

Morgan Evans's tutorial transcends basic dinking techniques, delving into the subtleties of lateral movement and court positioning. Understanding these aspects is vital for players at any level seeking to enhance their game.

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