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Dominating Points Early With an Aggressive Fifth Shot: A SelkirkTV Instructional Video Breakdown

By Kyle Whatnall

on May 08, 2023

SelkirkTV has released a new instructional pickleball video featuring professional player Porter Barr, in which he discusses the advantages of being aggressive with your fifth shot. In this must-watch video, Porter shares his insights on mastering the 3, 5 drill, a technique that focuses on aggression during the fifth shot, not just the third. Let's dive into the video content and learn how to dominate the court with this powerful strategy.

  1. The 3, 5 Drill Explained: The 3, 5 drill is all about being aggressive on the fifth shot. Porter demonstrates the technique with the help of his partner, Clint. Porter feeds Clint various balls as they stand on the same side of the court. Clint then practices hitting a third shot drive or drop and approaches the net as much as possible. The key is to split step in time to receive the fifth shot and be as aggressive as possible while aiming down the middle or sharp to the crosscourt.

  2. The Importance of the Third Shot: The 3, 5 drill encourages players to focus on the quality of their third shot. A good third shot sets the stage for an aggressive fifth shot that can put immense pressure on opponents at the beginning of the rally. However, if the third shot isn't ideal, players need to be ready to slow down and hit a soft shot to reset the ball.

  3. Striking the Right Balance: When executing the 3, 5 drill, players must strive for aggression without risking a missed shot. It's crucial to change the pace and add power without compromising the shot's accuracy. Porter emphasizes hitting down on the ball and maintaining proper paddle angle for a solid shot.

  4. Reading the Ball and Adjusting Positioning: Porter highlights the importance of reading the ball and adjusting the player's position accordingly. If the third shot isn't perfect, players should be ready to stay back and take a more defensive stance. On the other hand, if the third shot sets up an aggressive opportunity, players should move forward, getting set and ready before attacking.

  5. The Partner's Role to Set Up the Fifth Shot: An aggressive fifth shot isn't limited to executing your own third shot. If your partner hits a third shot drop, you might be able to run in and attack the next one. The key is still getting set and ready, but this time, your partner sets up the aggressive opportunity for you.

The 3, 5 drill, as demonstrated by Porter Barr on SelkirkTV, offers an excellent opportunity to improve your pickleball game. By mastering this technique, players can increase their court dominance and pressure opponents right from the start of a rally. So, grab your partner and start practicing the 3, 5 drill today to unlock your full pickleball potential!

To watch the complete episode and many other Selkirk TV original shows, podcasts, lesson series from the pros, and much more, download the Selkirk TV app HERE

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