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4 Tips to Hitting an ATP (Around The Post) in Pickleball

By Stephen Bass

on Nov 07, 2022

Today’s edition has three parts: 

  1. A TIP - 4 things to consider when you hit an ATP (Around The Post) shot.

  2. An Entertaining Video - I ran out of gas, put my side of the road sales hat on, and had an unexpected visitor… (comedy bit)

  3. My Journey To Pro - Ever been frustrated with your game and didn’t know who to turn to? This piece will help!


Despite the common comments made on social media saying, “that shot is illegal.” 

The Around The Post (ATP) shot, is in fact, legal.

And this shot happens more than you may think! Here's a couple classic ATP's from a few top pro players:

When an opponent hits a dink wider (than they usually expected), you can get yourself in position to execute the ATP shot that’s almost impossible to return.

Here’s 4 technique tips to consider the next time you hit it.


Entertaining Video

Suddenly, the car made a noise and came to a stop. 

We’d just run out of gas. 

“But how?” 


The short version is, two friends and I got into a heated pickleball conversation on the way home from a tournament and forgot to check the gas meter. 

So while we waited for our friends (30 minutes away) to graciously bring us gas, I thought it’d be fun to make some videos to pass the time. 

One of which was me selling Selkirk Paddles on the side of the road. It was interesting to say the least — especially when we had an unexpected visitor stop to talk with us. 

Take a look. 👇

My Journey to Pro Pickleball

Best-Selling Author James Clear wrote, 

"A few things you need to achieve exceptional results:

1) Quantity: You take lots of shots.

2) Quality: You take thoughtful shots.

3) Consistency: You keep shooting for a long time.

4) Feedback: You take better shots over time.

5) Luck: You get a few favorable bounces."

And while we could unpack each of these and learn a ton, let’s focus on #4 in today’s edition. 

This past week, I felt frustrated. I had that feeling of, “I’m not improving as fast as I’d like.” (I actually wrote about this in a past edition)

And truthfully, I felt stuck, thinking, “why did I not play well in that last game, and what’s something I need to work on right now to improve my game?” 

And in that moment, I couldn’t quite nail down what that thing was or what I should do. But then…

…it hit me.

I should ask the people I play with most, “how can I improve?” 

So, I sent out this text to a few friends. 

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Person 4

Notice a pattern? 

Me too. 

I definitely wasn’t thinking along these lines until they all said it. Then I realized, they’re right. I need to do a better job of this. 

And I plan to. 

So, like you read above in those 5 ways to achieve exceptional results, asking for feedback isn’t the only thing you need to do.  

But it sure is important to on the road to mastery.

As my friend Joe – who originally heard this from Steve Olsen — shared with me the other day: 

“You can’t see the picture when you’re hanging in the frame.” 

If you really want to improve at this game, ask the people you trust and the ones you play with most how you can improve?

They just might reveal a few blindspots that can help you take one step forward in your improvement.

Until next time, 


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