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The Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball: Why 38 holes make all the difference

By Brynn Grissom

on Nov 24, 2023

The Pro S1 pickleball features a 38 hole pattern

For nearly a decade, Selkirk has been at the forefront of relentless innovation in the pickleball industry, particularly in paddle technology.

However, while paddles saw an evolution, the pickleball itself — the very heart of the game — remained largely unchanged. Until now.

At Selkirk, we took on the challenge of revolutionizing the pickleball to match our drive for paddle innovation. Our mission was clear: elevate the player's experience by ensuring consistency in flight, unyielding durability, and optimal performance. The result of this dedication? The Pro S1 Pickleball, the next generation of pickleball ball technology.

38 holes vs. the common 40: A game changer

While the market is accustomed to pickleballs with 40 holes, our research and extensive player feedback led us to design the Pro S1 with 38 holes. But why?

The difference in the hole count might seem minimal at first glance, but in the fast-paced world of pickleball where every shot counts, even the smallest change can have a profound impact on the game.

The 38-hole pattern in the Pro S1 was born out of a desire for unmatched consistency, especially in outdoor pickleball playing environments. In our extensive testing, this unique pattern, which features holes of different sizes, ensured a consistent ball flight on every shot, irrespective of the spin, velocity, or angle of the shot.

The consistent flight translates to predictable game dynamics, allowing players to better anticipate, strategize, and execute their shots, elevating their game to unprecedented levels.

Beyond the number of holes

While the 38-hole design is undeniably a standout feature, the Pro S1 is packed with numerous other innovations.

  • Superior durability: With its seamless rotomolding technology, the Pro S1 delivers an extraordinarily round and balanced ball that maintains its shape during both indoor and outdoor play. Our commitment to quality is further underscored by the 1-Year No-Crack Warranty, a testament to the ball's longevity.
  • Game-changing aerodynamics: The Pro S1's advanced aerodynamic design, coupled with its 38-hole pattern ensures optimal spin, speed, and finesse.
  • Unrivaled performance: The feeling of the Pro S1 coming off the paddle face gives players an unprecedented level of control, ensuring every shot is executed just as envisioned.

The Selkirk commitment

Selkirk's vision has always been to elevate the player's experience. With the Pro S1 Pickleball, we're extending that vision beyond paddles to revolutionize every facet of the game. It’s not merely about innovation for the sake of change; it’s about meticulously refining each element of the sport until perfection is achieved.

In the world of pickleball, where the difference between victory and defeat can hinge on the slightest margins, the Pro S1's 38-hole design isn't just a feature, it's a game changer.

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