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SLK by Selkirk Unveils the Future of Beginner's Pickleball with the Launch of the Latitude 2.0 and Nexus Paddles

By Kyle Whatnall

on Jul 12, 2023

 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho – July 12, 2023  As a trailblazer in the world of Pickleball, SLK by Selkirk proudly announces the launch of two game-changing paddles tailor-made for the beginner player: the Latitude 2.0 and the SLK Nexus. Embodying Selkirk's commitment to innovation, these state-of-the-art paddles fuse the latest advancements in paddle technology with exceptional comfort, balance, and affordability.

Introducing the SLK Latitude 2.0: Redefining Performance for Beginners

The Latitude 2.0 marks a breakthrough in beginner Pickleball paddles, promising an unmatched playing experience for newcomers. Equipped with a thicker Rev-Core+ core and a SpinFlex surface, it ensures amplified performance, an enlarged sweet spot, superior spin, and unrivaled control.

The Latitude 2.0 features the innovative G4 Graphite face, renowned for offering a consistent hit and feel. As a result, it is set to become the go-to paddle for the next generation of pickleball players. This stellar combination of features positions the Latitude 2.0 as the top pick for players making their initial foray into the game. Weighing between 7.8-8.2oz, it affords the ideal balance of weight and control for new players. Available at just $70, the SLK Latitude 2.0 sets a new standard for performance at an accessible price point.

Take the First Step to Mastery with the SLK Nexus

Built for those new to pickleball yet brimming with ambition, the SLK Nexus paddle is your ticket to mastering the game. The Nexus marries premium construction with advanced features, guaranteeing power, control, and spin that lets new players dominate the court.

Key features such as the new SpinFlex Textured Surface and the G4 Fiberglass Face equip the Nexus with the ability to deliver consistency, control, and power. Meanwhile, the new 13mm SX4 Polymer Core guarantees a consistent feel on every shot, irrespective of where the ball strikes. These innovative features, paired with the SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip, provide a confident and comfortable hold, allowing beginners to enhance their skills confidently. Available at a hard-to-resist price of $50, the Nexus paddle is poised to redefine the beginner's Pickleball market.

The launch of the new Latitude 2.0 and Nexus paddles demonstrates Selkirk's unwavering commitment to promoting growth of the sport of pickleball. By combining the latest developments in paddle technology with unbeatable prices, Selkirk continues to cement its position as a champion of quality and accessibility in the world of Pickleball.

About SLK by Selkirk:

SLK by Selkirk is a revolution in the Pickleball industry, devoted to introducing high-quality products to a broader community. Selkirk, a leader renowned for their innovation, design, and unmatched performance, is committed to enhancing the game of Pickleball by prioritizing performance, value, and accessibility.

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