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Selkirk Sport Unveils the Revolutionary Selkirk Labs Semi-Permanent 001 Pro Net

By Kyle Whatnall

on Apr 17, 2023

Selkirk Sport, the leading pickleball paddle brand and equipment manufacturer known for its lifetime paddle warranty, proudly introduces the Selkirk Labs Semi-Permanent 001 Pro Net, the latest innovation that promises to redefine the pickleball experience. Designed for country clubs, facilities, and private courts, this industry-first product embodies Selkirk's commitment to advancing pickleball technology.

Perfect Fit for Country Clubs, Facilities, and Private Courts

The Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net is engineered for convenience, durability, and unmatched performance, making it the perfect choice for pickleball players at country clubs, facilities, and private courts.

  1. Made in the USA, 100% Carbon Fiber Frame: After two years of extensive research, the 001 Pro Net boasts a carbon fiber frame that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. This high-quality construction ensures a long-lasting, reliable net system that can withstand the rigors of regular use.

  2. Quick and Effortless Setup: The net is designed for a rapid setup in just 30 minutes or less, significantly reducing downtime for players compared to traditional semi-permanent nets. This efficient setup process ensures players can maximize their time on the court, focusing on honing their skills and enjoying the game.

Unparalleled Performance

  1. Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fiber Construction: The rigid, ultra-corrosion-resistant, low-profile frame and bow system are crafted from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, providing exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring a worthwhile investment for clubs and private courts.

  2. Patent-Pending Bow Spring Technology: This advanced technology applies dynamic top cable tension for a playing experience that rivals permanent nets. The consistent tension creates a professional-level playing experience every time players step onto the court, helping to elevate their game.

Versatility and Mobility

  1. Articulating Foot Hinge Design: This innovative design allows for easy conversion between mobile and fixed play configurations, offering users the flexibility to adapt the net to their specific needs. Whether needing a temporary net for an event or a semi-permanent fixture, the 001 Pro Net can accommodate both scenarios.

  2. Omnidirectional Wheels: These wheels ensure smooth movement in any direction, making it easy to transport the net between locations or adjust its position on the court. The convenience of repositioning the net allows for seamless transitions between multiple courts or playing areas.

  3. Court Line Indicators: The beam features court line indicators that enable easy and accurate setup, ensuring a professional and properly aligned playing area. This feature takes the guesswork out of positioning the net, leading to a more enjoyable and authentic playing experience. 

 Ultra-Lightweight and Sleek

  1. 85 lb Weight: Weighing in at a mere 85 lbs, the 001 Pro Net is significantly lighter than other semi-permanent nets on the market. This lightweight design allows for easier transportation and setup, minimizing the strain on users and increasing overall user satisfaction.

  2. Sleek Appearance: The technologically advanced appearance of the 001 Pro Net showcases Selkirk's passion for innovation. The visually appealing design makes the net an attractive addition to any court, reflecting the high quality of the product. 

 Additional Features

    1. Ball-friendly Design: The unique design allows balls to roll under the net, preventing interruptions in play and making it easier for players to retrieve balls during practice sessions or matches. This feature enhances the fluidity of the game, leading to a more enjoyable experience for all players.

    2. Net Tension Rods: These rods provide a clean, tight net that remains consistently taut, ensuring a professional playing experience and enhancing the overall quality of play. The uniform net tension contributes to a fair and consistent playing

    3. Hinged Lower Frame: This feature allows for easy folding and storage of the net in the included carry bag, maximizing space efficiency and convenience. The hinged design simplifies the disassembly process, making it less time-consuming and labor-intensive for users.

    4. Wheeled Trolley Bag: The trolley bag ensures convenient storage and transport of the net, making it simple for players or clubs to move the net between courts or store it when not in use. The bag's durable construction and wheels protect the net during transportation, reducing the risk of damage.

With the Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net, you'll experience the ultimate fusion of innovation, performance, and accessibility. By choosing this product, you're not only enhancing your pickleball performance but also joining a forward-thinking community devoted to driving the sport's evolution. As part of Selkirk Labs, you'll have the opportunity to explore, engage with, and provide feedback on the newest developments in pickleball technology.

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