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Inside Selkirk Labs' Revolutionary Florek Carbon Fiber Technology

By Kyle Whatnall

on Jan 05, 2024

Selkirk's Florek Carbon Fiber technology, developed through Selkirk Labs, represents a significant advancement in pickleball paddle design, particularly in the Luxx Control Air series. This technology is an integral component of the Luxx Control Air paddle, a product that has garnered attention for its unique combination of features aimed at enhancing player control and placement.

The Florek Carbon Fiber is a proprietary blend of carbon fiber, distinct for its unmatched control and additional power capabilities. This advanced material composition also enables a larger sweet spot, optimizing performance with each stroke. Selkirk's innovation with Florek Carbon Fiber sets it apart from other paddle manufacturers who use different carbon fiber blends, as it is touted to be stronger, more durable, more flexible, and more responsive, leading to improved power and ball control.

In addition to the Florek Carbon Fiber, the Luxx Control Air paddle incorporates the 20mm X7 Thikset Honeycomb Core. This core material is lighter and stronger than traditional cores, offering more power and control while ensuring a consistent feel on every shot.

Several other proprietary technologies are integrated into the Luxx Control Air paddles:

  • Air Dynamic Throat: Enhances airflow and ball control, contributing to a smoother, more controlled gameplay experience.
  • ThroatFlex: Maximizes flex upon ball contact, extending dwell time on the paddle and enhancing power play for consistency in every game.
  • ProSpin+ NextGen Texture: A durable spin surface that ensures consistency and precision in ball control.
  • 360° Proto Molding: A high-pressure manufacturing process that delivers exceptional power and consistency with every hit.
  • Upgraded Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology: Crafted from impact-resistant composites and polymer, it increases edge reliability during intense gameplay.
  • FlexFoam Perimeter: Adds weight, enlarges the sweet spot, and absorbs vibrations from every hit.
  • CM Anti-Torque Technology: Offers ideal core thickness and mass placement for unmatched stability, reducing vibration and torsion during impact.

The Luxx Control Air paddles are available in three colors (Red, Blue, and Gold) and two model options (Invikta and Epic). The retail price for these paddles is around $250.00, with occasional discounts available.

This paddle, endorsed by professional players like Jack Sock, represents a shift in the pickleball industry towards creating control-oriented paddles, addressing the needs of players who prioritize finesse and precision over sheer power. Selkirk's focus on research, development, and testing in this area has culminated in a product that speaks directly to tacticians of the game.

Selkirk's Florek Carbon Fiber Technology is yet another industry-changing pickleball innovation crafted in Selkirk Labs. Selkirk Labs is the industry's first consumer-powered design collaborative for pickleball equipment. Introduced by Selkirk Sport in 2022, Selkirk Labs harnesses the insights of avid players to fuel its innovation in designing the next generation of pickleball paddles and accessories. The collaborative is committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology and real-world feedback to elevate the player's experience in the fast-growing sport of pickleball.

Overall, the Luxx Control Air, with its suite of advanced technologies, positions itself as a top choice for players seeking a balance of control, power, and spin in their pickleball play.

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