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How the Selkirk Labs Project 005 evolved into the Selkirk AMPED Pro Air

By Brynn Grissom

on Jun 05, 2024

Selkirk AMPED Pro pickleball paddles are lined up in a row. There is one of each color offering and they stand straight up on their handle.


Selkirk Sport has recently announced the release of the AMPED Pro Air, a new addition to its renowned lineup of pickleball paddles. 

Available in five distinct colors, the AMPED Pro Air is designed to not only enhance your game but also ensure you stand out in a sea of predominantly black paddles. 

Here’s a look at what makes the AMPED Pro Air a great paddle choice for those seeking a blend of power and control on the pickleball court.

Historical context: The AMPED series

Selkirk's AMPED series first appeared in 2017, introducing a significant innovation in pickleball paddle design. 

Unlike traditional paddles, which typically had a core thickness of 0.5” or less, the AMPED paddles featured a 5/8” thick core. This innovation allowed the paddles to offer both power and control, a combination previously difficult to achieve. 

The original AMPED series redefined expectations for pickleball paddles, providing players with the ability to execute powerful shots without losing control at the net.

Continuous innovation: From the Project 005 to AMPED Pro Air

The development of the Selkirk AMPED Pro Air pickleball paddle is a response to player feedback and a continuation of Selkirk's innovative spirit. Project 005 was an ambitious design that merged attributes from both the Vanguard Power Air pickleball paddle and the Selkirk Labs Project 003 pickleball paddle.

The aim of the 005 was to balance power and control in a seamless, edgeless paddle that featured Selkirk’s open-throat design. After its launch, Selkirk engaged with Labs Members to gather feedback and completely overhauled the paddle to make improvements in every area before delivering the AMPED Pro Air.


Technological enhancements in the AMPED Pro Air

When compared with the original AMPED series and the Project 005, the AMPED Pro Air introduces several new technologies that help improve upon the paddle’s performance while honoring the qualities that made the previous iterations so successful. 

A new paddle face

The AMPED Pro Air introduces a FiberFlex+ Fiberglass Face, which enhances the paddle's power while maintaining consistency. This new material technology ensures a larger sweet spot and more responsive play, which can cater to both aggressive and strategic playing styles.

Core upgrades

A significant leap from the original X5 Core, the new honeycomb 16mm core offers superior control and power. This upgrade not only enhances the paddle's responsiveness but also increases its reliability for a variety of shots.

Refined design for better aerodynamics

The design of the AMPED Pro Air, which includes the open throat, has been optimized to improve aerodynamics and ball control. These enhancements help in reducing drag and increasing the precision of each stroke, thereby allowing players to maneuver more effectively during the game.

Ergonomic grip and enhanced texture

The introduction of an octagonal grip shape — favored by tennis players — provides better handling and comfort, crucial for maintaining control during extended play. 

Additionally, the ProSpin+ Texture, a development from Selkirk Labs, offers a more durable and consistent spin surface. This feature allows players to more accurately shape their shots and tailor their game strategy based on different opponents and conditions.

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