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By Brynn Grissom

Exploring the technology behind the Vanguard Control

The Vanguard Control builds on the successes of the Vanguard 2.0.

Selkirk Sport unveiled the latest evolution of the Vanguard series, the Vanguard Control. 

The Vanguard Control builds on the successes of the Vanguard 2.0 and SLK Halo and is the first raw carbon paddle to be sold on Selkirk Sport’s main line. 

It also introduces new technologies that Selkirk innovated during an extensive research and design process. 

Take a look at the technologies introduced with the Vanguard Control. 

A new surface

The Vanguard Control features a revamped surface made of raw T700 composite carbon. The carbon fiber surface gives the paddle ample spin, rather than coatings used in other paddle construction. 

This surface gives the Vanguard Control a 50% increase in spin when compared to the Vanguard 2.0 while remaining durable. 

The paddle also introduces Selkirk’s QuadCarbon system, a proprietary resin system that gives the paddle consistency. Through Selkirk’s made-in-the-USA process, the goal is to deliver the same consistency and spin on every paddle sold. 

An improved grip

Engineers also wanted to improve the overall playing experience, especially where the grip is concerned. 

The Vanguard series traditionally featured an oval grip, but as playing preferences evolved, so too, did the grip for the Vanguard Control. The new paddle features an octagonal grip, similar to those found on the Luxx Control Airor traditional tennis rackets. 

The octagonal grip allows players to easily switch between Continental, Western, and Semi-Western grips as they execute different shots. 

Construction method

The Vanguard Control uses the traditional sandwich method of manufacturing rather than thermoforming. 

This is because the sandwich method, in which the core is “sandwiched” between two paddle faces, lends itself better to control paddles when using raw carbon. 

Comparing the Vanguard Control shapes

The Vanguard Control is offered in the three traditional Selkirk Sport shapes: Invikta, S2, and Epic. 

Each shape offers its own benefits, and it’s important to select a shape that will complement your play style. 

Invikta shape

The Invikta is the longest of the three options at just under 16.5 inches with a handle length just under 6 inches. 

This model is best suited for players transitioning from tennis and aggressive players who want extra reach, spin, and power. This shape is one of the most versatile for intermediate and advanced players because it offers extra reach without sacrificing too much in terms of sweet spot.  

S2 shape

The S2 shape boasts the largest sweet spot, making it the model with the most consistency. Measuring just under 16 inches in length, the S2 has a shorter handle length just under 5 inches. 

The shorter handle combined with a wider paddle face make the S2 shape ideal for players who value blocking, resetting, and fast hands. The shorter handle allows players to swiftly maneuver the paddle and the wider face makes it more forgiving. 

Epic shape

The Epic shape is the best all-around paddle and is ideal for players with previous racket sports experience and individuals who want to improve their soft game. 

The length of the paddle is 16 inches and the handle is just over 5 inches, sitting just in between the Invikta and S2. With the Epic shape, you get the reach of the Invikta coupled with the consistency of the S2. 

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