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Elevating the Game: Discover the Selkirk Semi-Permanent Pro Pickleball Net

By Kyle Whatnall

on Sep 26, 2023

Selkirk Sport is ecstatic to unveil the Selkirk Semi-Permanent Pro Pickleball Net—a state-of-the-art product designed to revolutionize the game of Pickleball. Priced at $2700, this addition is not merely a piece of equipment; it is an experience, promising to deliver unparalleled quality, innovation, and convenience to Pickleball aficionados and facility operators alike.

Bridging Innovation and Quality

Incorporating the cutting-edge technology from our reputed Selkirk Labs 001 Carbon Fiber Pro Net System, this semi-permanent net is crafted with a corrosive-resistant aluminum frame, meeting the exceptional quality standards Selkirk is known for. It offers the durability to withstand varying weather conditions, making it an ideal companion for both indoor and outdoor play.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Ball Roll-Under: Ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Optimized Net Tension Rods: Maintaining a taut and steady net.
  • Hinged Lower Frame: Allowing ease of folding and storage.
  • Regulation Net Height (36” - 34” - 36”): Offering simplified setup.
  • USAPA Specifications Compliance: Guaranteeing professional-standard gameplay.
  • Weight: 103lbs for optimum stability.

This semi-permanent pro net marries the stability of a permanent net with the adaptability of a portable one, making it a versatile choice for various playing environments.

Who is it For?

The Selkirk Semi-Permanent Pro Pickleball Net is an excellent match for private court owners desiring professional-grade equipment and facility managers seeking high-quality, versatile nets without the permanency. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned player, this net is crafted to enhance your playing experience, providing a professional feel to every game.

Experience the Future of Pickleball

With meticulous attention to detail, the Selkirk Semi-Permanent Pro Pickleball Net invites you to experience the next level of Pickleball, redefining standards of gameplay for players at all levels. It is a symbol of Selkirk's commitment to quality, innovation, and the progression of Pickleball, setting the stage for more pioneering products in the future.

Launching Soon

The Selkirk Semi-Permanent Pro Pickleball Net will be available starting September 26, 2023, at 12 pm EST. Dive into a superior Pickleball experience and elevate your game with this innovative net system.


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