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Discovering the Vanguard Control: Local players try out the newest Selkirk Sport paddle

By Brynn Grissom

on Feb 28, 2024

The Vanguard Control is a versatile paddle for players of all skill levels.

Selkirk Sport recently unveiled its latest creation, the Vanguard Control paddle. It is the first raw carbon paddle on Selkirk's main line, designed to provide optimal control and spin.

Ahead of the launch, Selkirk invited local players with skill levels ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 to Selkirk headquarters for an exclusive first look and trial. Take a look at their experiences across different skill levels.

The 3.5 players: Consistency and spin

The 3.5-level players were immediately drawn to the Vanguard Control's remarkable consistency and enhanced spin capabilities.

What stood out to them was the meticulous design of the paddle, especially the extended handle length which facilitates a versatile grip, and the paddle face's grit that significantly improves spin control.

These features not only augment the paddle's usability but also instill a sense of confidence in players during critical match moments.

The 4.0 players: Lightweight power and supreme control

The 4.0-level players appreciated the Vanguard Control's lightweight design. This feature, combined with unparalleled control capabilities, makes the paddle an indispensable ally at the kitchen line, enabling fast hands and quick reflexes.

The players were quick to note the Vanguard Control as an upgraded successor to the beloved Halo, offering enhanced performance.

The 4.5 players: Precision grip and added pop

For the 4.5-level players, the Vanguard Control presented a suite of features that catered perfectly to their advanced playing needs.

The octagonal grip and thicker handle provide a robust and comfortable hold, allowing for precise shots and strategic plays.

The raw carbon face of the paddle was a particular highlight, delivering exceptional spin and a satisfying "pop" on ball contact, without the unwelcome feedback of vibration. This combination of features ensures players can focus on their game with greater intensity and less distraction.

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