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Tyson McGuffin Meets INDYCAR Elites at the Grand Prix of Portland

By Kyle Whatnall

on Sep 05, 2023

Photo Credit: INDYCAR


In a riveting blend of elite athletics, Selkirk Sport’s Tyson McGuffin, one of the world’s premier pickleball players, recently had the electrifying opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in auto racing during the INDYCAR Grand Prix of Portland. The adrenaline-packed weekend saw McGuffin not only meet top drivers but also experience the sheer thrill of a fast-lap around the circuit.

The visit was memorable from the get-go, with McGuffin meeting two of the INDYCAR scene’s brightest stars: Patricio O’Ward and Alex Palou. The mutual respect and camaraderie were palpable as athletes from different disciplines interacted, sharing experiences and tales from their respective fields.

However, the crowning moment for McGuffin was the exhilarating ride in a 2-seater INDYCAR. Hitting speeds of approximately 180 mph, the rapid lap gave him an indescribable first-hand taste of what these auto racing professionals experience every time they're on the track.

In a serendipitous turn of events, after meeting McGuffin, Palou showcased his prowess by winning the race and subsequently clinching the much-coveted 2023 INDYCAR Championship. A testament to his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport, this win is set to become one of the iconic moments in INDYCAR history.

Interestingly, the world of auto racing and pickleball aren't as distant as one might think. The paddock, an area primarily known for the preparation and fine-tuning of race cars, occasionally morphs into a makeshift pickleball court. INDYCAR drivers, it turns out, are avid fans of the sport! They chalk lines onto the asphalt and engage in fiercely competitive pickleball tournaments, reveling in the sport's fast-paced dynamics.

Photo Credit: INDYCAR

Given this shared passion, it's no surprise that the drivers were ecstatic to have McGuffin amidst them. They eagerly took the opportunity to glean insights from one of pickleball’s most decorated athletes. Discussing techniques, strategies, and the sheer love for the game, the interaction was a testament to the universal appeal of sports, irrespective of the domain.

The Grand Prix of Portland will be remembered not just for Palou's championship win but also as a testament to the beautiful intersections of sport. Whether on the court or the track, the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and passion remains the same. It's days like these that remind us of the universality of sports and the joy it brings to athletes and fans alike.

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