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The Pickleball Pilot's Ultimate Adventure: Fastest Time to Play a Game of Pickleball in All 48 Contiguous States, Sponsored by Selkirk Sport

By Stephen Bass

on May 05, 2023

On Monday, May 1st, at 8 am EDT, an extraordinary event took place. Dean Matt, also known as MuchoDeanAero or The Pickleball Pilot, embarked on a record-breaking journey from Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ). This Sarasota-based pickleball enthusiast and pilot since high school aims to set a world record for the Fastest Time to Play a Game of Pickleball in All 48 Contiguous States.

Dean's ambitious endeavor caught the attention of Selkirk Sport, who is proud to be a premier sponsor for this exciting adventurem, and is proud to support Dean's passion for pickleball and his quest for the world record. Selkirk's commitment to promoting and growing the game of pickleball aligns perfectly with Dean's mission to bring the pickleball community together across the nation.

Fox News recently caught wind of Dean's World Record Attempt and sat down to learn more: 

To accomplish this remarkable feat, Dean plans to play at least two pickleball matches in different states each day, with some days potentially involving three matches! His trusty Turbo Cessna 206H six-passenger aircraft will be his mode of transportation, allowing him to make 48 stops along the way.

Both local and national media are expected to cover Dean's journey, with journalists and cameras following him from state to state as he checks off each destination on his pickleball tour. Dean will be accompanied by fellow pilots, members of the pickleball community, his wife, and more at various stops along the way. With the backing of his family, friends, and fellow pickleball enthusiasts, this adventure is sure to be a blast!

As of 5/5/24, Dean has already completed the first 5 legs of the trip after playing matches in Jonesboro, AR. Just 43 more stops to go...

Dean's Scheduled Route (starting in Sarasoata, FL) to complete the world record.

The Pickleball Pilot's quest will serve as an inspiration for pickleball players and sports enthusiasts alike, proving that dedication and passion can lead to incredible achievements. As Dean sets out on this TONS 'O FUN pickleball-related adventure, we wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of the world record. Keep an eye on this blog for updates on Dean's progress and the exciting events that unfold throughout his pickleball journey. And you can follow along with Dean's Journey on his website

Stay tuned, and let's cheer on The Pickleball Pilot as they take to the skies and the courts on this thrilling adventure!

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