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The Pickle Lodge, a premier pickleball haven, opens in Cincinnati

By Brynn Grissom

on Dec 21, 2023

The Pickle Lodge features 17 indoor pickleball courts in Cincinnati.

Pickleball has been sweeping the nation, gaining popularity among all age groups for its easy-to-learn rules and competitive yet inclusive nature. 

If you're a Midwest pickleball enthusiast or just looking to try out this exciting sport, Cincinnati's The Pickle Lodge is the place to be. 

Located just north of the city, The Pickle Lodge is a pickleball haven like no other. With 17 dedicated indoor courts (plus more outside), it's the second-largest indoor pickleball facility in the world. 

Indoor pickleball paradise

Sponsored by Selkirk Sport, the Pickle Lodge boasts an impressive 17 individually-fenced indoor pickleball courts, providing players with a comfortable and controlled environment to enjoy the game year-round. 

These courts are designed to keep the action contained, ensuring that stray balls won't disrupt neighboring games. What's more, the facility has 12 garage doors that can be opened on pleasant days, allowing fresh air to flow in, and enhancing the overall playing experience.

Between matches or during breaks, players can relax in a comfortable seating area conveniently located in between the courts. It's the perfect place to catch your breath, socialize with fellow players, and watch others in action.

Court time for everyone

One of the standout features of The Pickle Lodge is its commitment to inclusivity. While membership packages are available, anyone can enjoy the facility. 

Non-members have the option to reserve a court up to one day in advance for a fee, ranging from $10-14 per player per hour. Additionally, open play sessions are open to everyone for just $12. 

A variety of pickleball activities

The Pickle Lodge is open seven days a week, and each day is packed with pickleball activities. Whether you're a competitive player or a beginner looking to improve your skills, there's something for everyone. 

The facility offers pickleball leagues, court reservations, open play sessions, clinics, and more. Tournaments and open play sessions are thoughtfully split by skill level, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Tailored pickleball lessons

For those looking to embark on a personalized pickleball journey, The Pickle Lodge offers private and group lessons. The lodge's trainers are certified at The Ohio Pickleball Academy, ensuring top-notch instruction for players at every level

Whether you're new to the sport or seeking to refine your technique, the experienced instructors at The Pickle Lodge can help you reach your goals.

Exciting expansion plans

The Pickle Lodge is not resting on its laurels; it's constantly evolving to provide an even better experience for its patrons. 

Upcoming expansion plans include the addition of a full bar, a pizza shop, five outdoor courts, a beer garden, and an outdoor bar. These exciting additions will make The Pickle Lodge not only a premier pickleball destination but also a great place to socialize and unwind.

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