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The Dink x Selkirk

By Mike Barnes

on Aug 18, 2022


Selkirk is proud to announce its partnership with The Dink Pickleball to bring you the best pickleball content around the world. The Dink has been a leader in promoting pickleball news, stories, and highlights for years now. And not to mention giving subscribers unprecedented access to their favorite pickleball icons through their podcast (co-hosted by Tyson Apostle). 

We partnered with the Dink with the "Paddle for Life" Giveaway again earlier this year, and will continue to provide Selkirk giveaways and exclusive access to the Dink subscribers and listeners. 

Check out just a fraction of the type of content you will get by subscribing to the dink:






Selkirk and the Dink share the vision of bringing pickleball content to all through stories, news, videos, educational pieces, highlights, and more! 

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