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Community Highlights | Dec 31, 2022

By Stephen Bass

Selkirk Customer Spotlight - Mark Hume from Corvallis Oregon!

Mark (Left) with the Vanguard Invikta

Marc H.


Corvallis, Oregon

Tells US about YOU:

I love, love, love Pickleball!  I am a 49-years young stay-at-home father of two awesome kids, Sydney who is 11, and Gabriel who is 9.  I am married to an incredibly intelligent and beautiful Louisiana native though we recently relocated to Corvallis, Oregon where I discovered and started playing pickleball just this year!  I am also a Navy Veteran, and former CrossFit Gym owner, who has found a great community and competitive outlet. Pickleball offers a great environment where I can sneak in cardio training almost daily disguised as a fun, addictive, and enjoyable sport, pickleball!  

How long have you been playing pickleball? How often do you play?

I started playing Pickleball this past January (2022) and I now play at least 4-5 times a week.  It's hard to take a day off!!

Tell us about the first time you heard the term “pickleball.”

Funny that you'd ask that as my mother-in-law asked me to come play with her at a country club back in Louisiana about 2 years ago.  I politely declined, but secretly thought that I wasn't gonna play some silly paddle game with a bunch of old people.  Boy, was I wrong, though! While many of the players I play against are indeed older than me, wow can they play!

How long after you heard about pickleball, did you hit the court for the first time?

Probably about a year and a half later as the game simply wasn't that big in Louisiana especially during the pandemic, but it is huge here in the Corvallis, Albany, and Salem, Oregon area.  All in all I have been playing for about 5 months.

Is pickleball a family affair?

Absolutely, I can't think of another sport that could include such a broad range of family members, be this fun, and this addictive!  My kids are beginning to pick it up and I hope it is something they take to!

What is your favorite Selkirk Paddle?

Vanguard 2.0 Invikta Lightweight Regal Black, it's awesome and sharp!

How do YOU define your style of play?

My style is ever developing, I want to be unpredictable, a master of all the basic and important shots but someone not afraid to take chances, try new things, and play to an opponents weaknesses.  At the same time I'm fun, fun to be around, and if you're not smiling and enjoying the process and learning the game, then what's the point?  I'm not going to play professionally but want to be someone who can play with almost anyone.  More importantly I want to be someone that everyone else wants to play with!

Best/favorite meal after a few games?

Chicken or shrimp Caesar salad because it's awesome!

What is your favorite thing about pickleball?

Playing with other people, what happens inside the lines with 3 other people is so much fun.  The world would be a better place if more people played Pickleball together!  It is also awesome exercise, competitive, and a great way to meet people and find community, something we could all use more of after the past few years.

As a fan of the game and your products you guys are doing great things!

In the attached picture I'm the really good looking bearded guy on the left with my coach Derrick (middle) and my Salt and Pepper men's doubles partner Eryn (right)!

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