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Get to know professional pickleball player Parris Todd

By Brynn Grissom

on Jan 24, 2024

Parris Todd is a formidable opponent and fashionista on the pickleball court.

In the dynamic and competitive arena of professional pickleball, certain players stand out for their exceptional skill, dedication, and influence on the sport. 

One such athlete is Parris Todd, who has embarked on a remarkable journey from a tennis prodigy to a pickleball sensation. But Parris is not just a formidable opponent, she’s also a fashion trendsetter on and off the court.

From tennis courts to pickleball stardom

Originating from Newport Beach, California, and now residing in Fort Myers, Florida, Parris first made waves as a tennis player, dominating the USTA girls 10s and 12s categories where she ranked No. 1 nationally. Throughout her tennis career, Parris amassed more than 85 international tennis titles. 

A formidable opponent on the pickleball court

Since turning pro in pickleball in 2021, Parris has proven that her athletic talents are not confined to one sport. As a right-handed player wielding the SLK Halo, she has quickly become a formidable opponent. 

Parris has earned more than 40 medals on the Professional Pickleball Association and Association of Pickleball Players tours, including a Triple Crown at the 2023 US Open Pickleball Championships. She also secured two Major League Pickleball titles in 2022 with Team BLQK. 

Fashionista on and off the court

While Parris dominates on the court, she's also a fashionista with a keen eye for style. Known for her distinctive style, she collaborates with Selkirk and has a clothing sponsorship with Alo Yoga, and loves sharing her personal style with her fans. 

She has her own fashion line, Waisted, USA, which offers contemporary streetwear and sportswear for women, further emphasizing her commitment to empowering women through fashion.

Parris Todd and Selkirk Sport collaborated on a hat with a hole large enough to accommodate pony tails and buns.

Parris Todd x Selkirk Sport collection

Parris's sense of style extends to her equipment and apparel on the pickleball court. She has her own collection with Selkirk Sport, featuring her signature ice blue SLK Halo

But it's not just about the pickleball paddles — her collection includes thoughtfully designed visors and hats, specifically catering to female athletes. These hats are not just stylish but functional, with a large hole to accommodate high ponytails and buns, a small but significant detail that shows attention to the needs of female athletes.

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