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Selkirk Pickleball Customer Spotlight - Lowell From Bethesda, MD!

By Stephen Bass

on Jul 25, 2022

77 year old, Lowell, from Bethesda, MD discovered Pickleball at 75, and now plays every day! Learn more about what Lowell loves about the game and how it keeps him active:

Tells US about YOU:

Retired last year after 51 years in education as a teacher, coach, and athletic

director. I played football, basketball, and baseball in college. I learned to play golf and tennis after college. I found myself a widower after 45 years of marriage. I have a daughter and two granddaughters living nearby. My entire family is very athletic.

How long have you been playing Pickleball? How often do you play?

I started playing pickleball in September, 2020. Since retiring in July 2021, I try to play pickleball everyday. I prefer to play only outdoors year round. Temperature does not bother me. (I was raised in Minnesota.)  Only strong winds, rain, or snow prevent me from playing. I generally play 2-3 hrs each day on public courts.

Tell us about the first time you heard the term “Pickleball.”

I am one of 7 children raised in Minnesota. My sister in Minneapolis told me about pickleball 3 years ago. I was playing tennis then, so yes, I was skeptical.

How long after you heard about Pickleball, did you hit the court for the first time?

I played with my sister once or twice a few years ago. When Covid arrived in 2020, the only sporting activities open for me were golf and pickleball (as they took place outdoors).

Is Pickleball a family affair?

I live alone now, but my son-in-law has a keen interest in playing more. My daughter has played with me, and I will soon give beginning lessons to my granddaughter(9). 

My sister plays regularly in Minnesota and in Arizona (her winter home). 

One of the great things about pickleball is that I never have a prearranged match. I just show up and play. Men/women/young/ old mixed.....It’s a wonderful social environment.

What is your favorite Selkirk Paddle?

The Vanguard Invikta 2.0 midweight

How do YOU define your style of play?

Currently, I am a 3.0-3.5 player. I started with a beginner wood paddle ($25) and quickly learned that the type of paddle can make a big difference in my game. The most obvious difference for me is being near the kitchen and defending a hard drive. 

My current paddle has enough ‘life’ to get the ball over the net with little input from me. Yeah!!

Best/favorite meal after a few games?

Hamburger with fries!

What is your favorite thing about Pickleball?

Easy to learn at all age levels. I started playing at 75 and was excited to learn a new sport and become competitive. I don’t need a partner. Just show up and play!

I play with an equal number of men and women. Now that I am retired and a widower, pickleball is great for socialization. It is also great for balance/footwork/ eye to hand coordination.

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